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Piazza, a special fan: “From Rold a serious project, but enough with the 80s”

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Roberto Piazza on Sunday in the stands with former Serie A Paolino Bristot

The former Sisley coach, now in Milan, was on Sunday at the Spes Arena. “The ride of that Belluno is now the past, now the world has changed and it goes fast”

Roberto Piazza was coaching another Belluno at the time. It was the multi-titled Sisley, historically linked to Treviso but who moved to the shadow of the Dolomites in the 2011-2012 season.

A strange link with the city and the province, because if on the one hand a good number of fans followed the exploits of the orogranata, on the other hand, several were unable to become attached to the club. Which, for its part, went up to Belluno only for official commitments, in fact living little in the new reality. Not surprisingly, at the end of that year, no one took over the reins of the club and Sisley ceased to exist.

Now, on the other hand, there is Da Rold Logistics, which the Belluno spirit embodies to the fullest and has gone as far as the A3 series starting from the D. Maybe one day dreaming of taking an even higher leap.

Returning to the square, on Sunday he was at the Spes Arena, sitting next to the president Sandro Da Rold. His presence brought luck, with the 3-2 comeback victory of the “rhinos” with Savigliano. The same result of the day before his Allianz Milano in Ravenna in Superlega Serie A.

«I am always tied to these places, also for my sentimental question. I can’t be in Belluno often, quite the contrary. But the opportunity came and so I jumped at the invitation of President Da Rold, who had long ago invited me to watch a game ».

So we ask him: what did Da Rold see?

«In the meantime, rejoicing like this is more beautiful. A little bit of suffering makes the final success even more exciting. For the rest, we are undoubtedly talking about a team capable of playing volleyball well. I also noticed it in the first two sets, where, however, a few lucky balls for Savigliano or unlucky ones for Belluno earned the guest double advantage. Having said that, in such circumstances you risk not believing it anymore, instead the team was determined to want to reissue the result on its feet ».

We feel it is linked to Belluno and Belluno.

“Even though that Sisley season is prehistoric now, it allowed me to build good relationships. I speak both with the city and with the province in general. So I think it’s a pleasure to see that this place gets back to being talked about in volleyball ».

Are you sorry the adventure has not continued, then?

“There were too many things missing. If only there had been the competence and enthusiasm of a person like Sandro Da Rold. Then those in charge had moved to find a solution. However, jealousies and envy prevailed, and nothing came of it ».

However, volleyball is part of Belluno’s DNA, understood as a territory.

“Mah. I don’t want to contradict her, but then it would have been easy to find a way to continue the Sisley story. I don’t know, I still see too many people linked to the thrilling ride of the 80s. Wonderful moments, but forty years have now gone by. The world has changed, it goes fast. It is necessary to have the humility to understand when something is born and ends. For that I am happy Da Rold Logistics has started a great path. Volleyball seems to be made especially for smaller and smaller cities, beyond a few metropolises. It is useless to mention for example Civitanova, Ravenna, but also Perugia itself, or Modena which is certainly not the capital of Emilia Romagna. These are just some of the greatest realities of Italian volleyball. In Belluno there is a serious project, a right ambition, and I really think we can look to the future with confidence. Because the important thing is to know how to look ahead ».

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