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Pierce: The 08 Finals is not due to diarrhea or how dare to take a wheelchair?

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Original title: Pierce: The 08 finals is not due to diarrhea or how dare to take a wheelchair?

On November 20, Beijing time, Boston Celtics legend and Hall of Fame member Paul Pierce talked about being in a wheelchair in the first game of the 2008 Finals in an interview with the famous reporter of “The Athletic” Michel Biddle today. The matter of leaving.

It happened in the third quarter of the first game of the 2008 Finals, when Pierce was defending Kobe Bryant but was tripped by teammate Kendrick Perkins. Pierce, who fell to the ground, could not get up for a long time, and kept holding his knees, his expression was very painful. Until the medical staff helped him onto a wheelchair and pushed him out of the stadium. But after 1 minute and 45 seconds of the game, Pierce staged the return of the king and led the team to victory.

When the 10-time All-Star legend was commenting on the game in 2019, Pierce was asked why he returned to the locker room in a wheelchair when facing the camera. Pierce confessed that his departure had nothing to do with his knees. “I have one thing to confess. At that time, the physical condition was more urgent. I just wanted to go to the bathroom.” Pierce said at the time.

Pierce’s remarks led many people to believe that he had gone to the bathroom, but now he has denied this statement. “I can’t believe people will believe…Listen, I want the fans to know the truth. If you pull papa in your pants, do you think it makes sense to sit on a wheel? That’s true, I will go out directly, Go to the bathroom. I pull the papa. What do I need a wheelchair for? You can’t sit on your own papa, right? It doesn’t make sense at all.” Pierce said in an interview with The Athletic.Return to Sohu to see more

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