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Pinarello, who cannonade Ormelle aims at the Tricolor

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The coup de prestige in a season to be framed. For him and his team, Borgo Molino Ormelle. Alessandro Pinarello, who is not related to the family that symbolizes the bike, gives himself the prestigious Sandrigo-Monte Corno, classic Juniores in the 43rd edition, winning the two-man sprint with Edoardo Zamperini. The 18-year-old from Giavera, already six wins this season (same score as his teammate Bruttomesso), thus yields the 19th victory of an exciting 2021 to the team of sports director Cristian Pavanello.

The final climb, an infinite 27 km long rosary, sees only 14 riders “survive” in front of it. At the last km the decisive attack of Pinarello takes shape, in response to the action of Federico Savino. Then she flew two with Zamperini, the others have to bite the bullet. Now the attention is on the Tricolore in line on Saturday in Boario Terme: Ormelle is among the teams to beat. Giorgione is also in great shape as he approaches the Italian: at 24 hours from the national time trial title, Samuele Bonetto finishes among the best in the climb, finishing seventh on Monte Corno in front of his teammate Simone Griggion. Meanwhile, among the Allievi, Ormelle takes the time trial of Romanengo (Cr) with the Vicentine Renato Favero, a name on which to bet for the Italian specialties. Beaten Matteo Fiorin and Samuele Alari.

Order of arrival, Sandrigo-Monte Corno: 1) Alessandro Pinarello (Borgo Molino Ormelle) 97 km in 2h31’25 ”, average 38.437, 2) Edoardo Zamperini (Assali); 3) Lorenzo Rimmaudo (Energy) at 10 “, 4) Federico Savino (Work Service), 5) Giuseppe Aquila (Feralpi), 6) Michael Vanni (Otelli), 7) Samuele Bonetto (Giorgione), 8) Simone Griggion (id ), 9) Matteo Sperandio (Sanvendemiano); 10) Andrea Bettarello (Ormelle) at 20 “. –


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