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Pinghu athlete Zhang Tianxin won the National May 1st Labor Medal

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Pinghu athlete Zhang Tianxin won the National May 1st Labor Medal

Release date: 2021-09-15 08:09
Information source: Pinghu City

Recently, in order to commend the outstanding achievements of Chinese disabled athletes in the 16th Paralympic Games, the All-China Federation of Trade Unions issued the “Decision on Awarding Outstanding Sports Teams and Athletes of the 16th Paralympic Games the National May 1st Labor Award”. The National Worker Pioneer of my country’s outstanding sports team was awarded the National May 1st Labor Medal for outstanding Paralympic athletes. Among them, Zhang Tianxin, an athlete in our city, won the National May 1st Labor Medal.

Although the 16th Paralympic Games has ended, the touch and surprise left by the Pinghu athlete to the people of his hometown are still vivid. In the final of the W1 mixed team competition of the Tokyo Paralympic compound bow, the 23-year-old Pinghu guy had a very calm mentality. The Chinese team composed of him and teammate Chen Minyi defeated the Czech team 138:132, which is a Chinese sports team. The delegation won the 27th gold medal in this Paralympic Games, which is also the first Olympic gold medal in Pinghu history.

Achieving such a good result is by no means an overnight success. The “Road to Champions” has the supreme glory and is also full of challenges. A sudden illness in his childhood made Zhang Tianxin a second-degree physically disabled person. Although he suffers from disability and leg inconvenience, he has always maintained a positive and optimistic attitude. In 2017, Hangzhou Sports Training School recruited disabled athletes across the province. This opportunity has become a valuable “ticket” for Zhang Tianxin’s sports career. After selection, Zhang Tianxin became a W1 archery player as he wished.

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With unremitting efforts and strong will, Zhang Tianxin successfully obtained the precious opportunity to participate in the Tokyo Paralympic Games. This young man from Pinghu took the encouragement and anticipation of the people of his hometown to the world. Zhang Tianxin, who was on the Paralympic Games for the first time, faced strong opponents from all over the world. He was determined to forge ahead and worked hard. He showed strong self-confidence and combat effectiveness. He also achieved impressive results, winning for his homeland and hometown. The honor shows the world the dream journey of an outstanding young man and the unremitting enterprising path of a professional athlete.

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