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Pink Panthers, cheers It’s victory number 1 and it’s back to toast

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The Prosecco Doc, once again extraterrestrial, leaves only the crumbs to Bartoccini Egonu and Plummer hammering, the defense levels up: yes, they have restarted great


The pink panthers (oh well, rosé) take an hour to solve the yellow: the defeat against Bison was just a black evening. Without bothering Inspector Clouseau, it was evident that the battleship known as Imoco, now labeled Prosecco Doc, just had to remove the monkey from the shoulders (read record achieved, surpassed and improved, of consecutive victories) to free the mind a little from a pressure now unsustainable for such ephemeral trophy, and return to focus on what good they have always managed to show: the best volleyball on the planet.

Santarelli, as usual, shuffles the cards again: Wolosz returns diagonally with Egonu, Vuchkova and De Kruijf subnet, the power of Plummer and Sylla to crush, De Gennaro in defense. Perugia – with the former owner Melandri in the center – certainly did not arrive at Palaverde with the underdogs, and it is immediately a long turn in Sylla’s batting to make it wide (8-3). A misunderstanding in reception between Plummer and Sylla (but the American is not shy, and in attack redeems herself instantly) must be monitored, while Egonu goes wild. Paola’s gaze (a mixture of disbelief and regret after the 15th point of the Bisonte on Wednesday evening) is one to remember, since it was her first defeat in the Imoco jersey. And her last three sets at just 11 points (perhaps her worst partial in Conegliano) push her to leave only the crumbs to the defense of Perugia, even making herself feel against Diouf and finding the ace of 16-8. Perugia, let’s face it, found itself in the worst possible place: not only was it unimaginable to think that Prosecco Doc would lose two games in a row, but it was immediately understood that taking points away from Villorba was not feasible: Plummer closes the first set with his hands and out of 25-13.

The dawn of the second set is in the sign of The Queen, with Wolosz, who repays the price of the ticket with a second magic touch that sends the Umbrian defense to the bar. But it is the defense that – after just three days – makes the difference: Diop and her companions get a headache, the latter in particular finds Vuchkova on her way, and the Bulgarian obscures the valley for the wall of the 17-13. But Prosecco Doc messes a bit too much, just don’t close some delicious opportunities to see Perugia approaching (20-19) and then impact at 22 before Plummer and another big wall from Vuckhova direct the set towards Conegliano, closed by Egonu (25 -23).

Third set always in the sign of Miriam’s serve, who creates many headaches at the Umbrian reception while Plummer works well in attack (7-1) but then gets the ace of Diop. Trouble? Not even for a dream, since Egonu has the rockets and returns to be practically unstoppable. Pure Robin has fun from 9 meters with two aces in a row. At 13-4 the match – as befits a team called Prosecco Doc, strictly rosé considering the new jerseys – is now on ice, also because Wolosz remains poisonous. Santarelli grants the walkway to Egonu (on 15-6 space for Frosini), then it is the wall (and an amazing De Kruijf) that extinguishes the wishes of the guests: it ends 25-13. On the other hand, just after Perugia the sensational series of records had begun: the panthers have closed a circle. –

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