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Pochettino is dissatisfied with too little actual power in Paris and longs for Manchester United_Donnarumma

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Original title: Pochettino is dissatisfied with the fact that power is too small in Paris and yearns for Manchester United

On November 24th, Beijing time, according to the British “Daily Telegraph” report, the head coach of Ligue 1 Paris Saint-Germain team Pochettino is very yearning for coaching Manchester United, but feels a headache for Donnarumma’s arrival.

Solskjaer’s dismissal made the rumors about Manchester United’s coach intensified. In addition to Zidane who is currently at home, the current head coach of Ligue 1 Paris Saint-Germain, Pochettino, is also the main target of the Red Devils coach. According to the “Daily Telegraph”, Pochettino is very eager to coach Manchester United. As the helm of the Ligue 1 aircraft carrier, Pochettino’s life is not easy now. In fact, the voice of questioning the Argentine coach has never been interrupted. For example, what tactical style did he form in Paris? Is it integrated into the Paris environment? Whether you can fully control the locker room is the biggest question.

Reports say that Pochettino will stay in Paris for a long time or leave earlier. It remains to be seen, but there are strong signs that the Argentine is very eager to become Manchester United coach. Although he did not lead his team to win the league championship, Pochettino has proven himself in the Premier League. Now, in the case of Paris being questioned, Manchester United’s coaching position has appeared vacant, and he has begun to rethink his future.

The Telegraph stated that Pochettino was very dissatisfied with the smallness of his actual power in the Paris dressing room. Although having Messi Neymar Mbappé’s super-luxury striker is the dream of any coach, only he knows the pain in the heart of Po Shuai. There are many big players in the Paris dressing room. In addition to the fantasy trident, there are champion players such as Ramos and Donnarumma.

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According to people close to the Argentine coach, Pochettino is very dissatisfied with his limited voice in the locker room, which has affected his tactical arrangements. It is reported that Pauline has a headache for Donnarumma’s joining, because he is actually a supporter of Navas. It is he who contributed to the renewal of the Costa Rican goalkeeper, and the arrival of the Italian goalkeeper forced him to implement a rotation system. . However, the implementation of the goalkeeper rotation system is not a long-term solution, and this rotation has made both Navas and Donnarumma dissatisfied.Return to Sohu to see more


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