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Poker of the Belluno ski clubs in the giant of Monte Verena

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Drusciè athletes on Monte Verena

Four victories in the first selection of the Alpe Cimbra Trophy (formerly Topolino). De Cassan and Valente first in the Boys, Vanni and Avesani at the top in the Allievi

On the Vicenza snows of Monte Verena it is the Belluno athletes who are the masters. Yesterday morning the first Venetian selections were held for the Alpe Cimbra trophy, formerly the Mickey Mouse trophy, which was also attended by the ski clubs of the province.

Young people under 16 and under 14 battled it out in the giant slalom. Among the girls victory for Nicole De Cassan of the Arabba Ski Club who preceded Emma Panizzutti (Cortina) and Viola De Martin Topranin of Val Padola by a few cents. Among the boys, on the other hand, Ampezzo Mattia Valente prevailed, ahead of Federico Silvestrin of Orsago and Philip Ploner of dell’Arabba.

In the students triumph of Camilla Vanni (Drusciè) who trimmed about 2 ” to Angelica Pais Bianco (Cortina) and to Elisa Rech of Sportmar. In the students Matteo Avesani of the Drusciè Ski Club sets the best time at the finish line, second place for Edoardo Valt of the Veneto Ski College and third place for Marco Caiselli of the Cortina Ski Club.

Here are the rankings with the top 10 in each category.

Girls. 1. Nicole De Cassan (Arabba) 58.71; 2. Emma Panizzutti (Cortina) 58.82; 3. Viola De Martin Topranin (Val Padola) 58.85; 4. Elisa Bagli (Dolomites) 59.95; 5. Angelica Mazzucco (Auronzo) 59.99; 6. Marianna Zandegiacomo Caneva (Cortina) 1.00.31; 7. Sofia Michelon (Gallium) 1.00.44; 8. Eleonora Meneghel (Limana) 1.00.63; 9. Alessandra Gorza (Croce d’Aune) 1.00.79; 10. Anna Zuccolotto (Limana) 1.01.04.

Boys. 1. Mattia Valente (Cortina) 55.75; 2. Federico Silvestrin (Orsago) 56.73; 3. Philip Ploner (Arabba) 57.26; 4. Piero Molin (Trichiana) 57.35; 5. Filippo Maria Vanni (Drusciè) 57.77; 6. Leonardo D’Incà (Trichiana) 57.91; 7. Lorenzo Costa (Alleghe) 58.91; 8. Cristian Gasperin (Trichiana) 58.93; 9. Andrea Salvati (Drusciè) 59.22; 10. Patrick Lena 59.41 (Alleghe).

Pupils. 1. Camilla Vanni (Drusciè) 1.55.41; 2. Angelica Pais Bianco (Cortina) 1.57.45; 3. Elisa Rech (Sportmar) 1.57.51; 4. Giulia Savorgnani (Ski College Veneto) 1.58.15; 5. Anna Brugnolaro (Asiago) 2.00.03; 6. Emma Meneghetti (Ski Club 18) 2.00.24; 7. Viola Carli (Ski College Veneto) 2.00.36; 8. Giulia Alverà (Cortina) 2.00.89; 9. Laura Cattaneo (Drusciè) 2.01.90; 10. Mia Sichel (Drusciè) 2.02.15.

Students. 1. Matteo Avesani (Drusciè) 1.53.83; 2. Edorardo Valt (Ski College Veneto) 1.55.11; 3. Marco Caiselli (Cortina) 1.55.13; 4. Thomas De Silvestro (Sci Club 18) 1.56.00; 5. Stefano Caldart (Limana) 1.56.13; 6. Giovanni Stefani (Dolomites) 1.56.37; 7. Enrico Zuccato (Gallio) 1.56.78; 8. Zaccaria Trevisan (Drusciè) 1.57.00; 9. Villafranca Durshiti (Cortina) 1.57.25; 10. Manuel Recher (Tonezza) 1.57.30.

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