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Pompeii, the wardrobe remained closed for 2 thousand years and the trunks: here is the ‘photo’ of the eruption

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Pompeii, the wardrobe remained closed for 2 thousand years and the trunks: here is the ‘photo’ of the eruption

Naples, 6 August 2022 – Pompeii, a outstanding new discovery unveiled in preview by Ansa. L’ last surprise of the site UNESCO heritage it’s a middle class house , 5 small rooms plus bathroom and kitchen overlooking a splendid painted garden. Modest furniture along with more precious objects. “A widespread and little-told reality”, underlines the director Gabriel breeding bar . The minister Dario Franceschini applauds: “The park never ceases to amaze”. For the dg museums Massimo Hosanna “proof that it is important to keep digging”.

The latest surprise at the back of the ‘enchanted garden’

It digs into the back of the “Enchanted garden” the amazing space painted with the large lararium which was unearthed in 2018, and surprisingly where an important and sumptuous house was expected, they come out modest environments but full of dignity, where there is no lack of refined and even objects a bundle of documents that the plaster cast made incredibly reappear.

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The closet closed two thousand years ago

In a room a cupboard-sideboard remained closed for two thousand years with all its kit of crockery inside, glass saucers, ceramic bowls, vases. In another, a table still set with its furnishings, a bed, a chest. There is no shortage of services, however, a kitchen and a latrine, almost like those found in the most important homes. “It was possible to have the courtyard adorned with the lararium and the tank for the cistern with exceptional paintings, but evidently the means were not enough to decorate the five rooms of the house”, comments the director.

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The Great Project

We are in regio V, in that wedge of land in which the excavations of the Great Project made necessary by the securing of the site World Heritage Site. One step away from here, on the same street, is the palace of Marco Lucretius Frontone with its frescoed walls in an extraordinary third style, the atrium with marbles and the impluvium, the large garden with the magnificent peristyle.

“Important to dig again”

“The discovery of these rooms behind that incredible lararium was a surprise, but that is precisely the reason why it is important to dig some more ”, Reasoned the general director of museums Massimo Osanna, who in 2018 was at the helm of the park and in charge of the excavation project. “The investigations that are being done are valuable because they help us to shed light on the story ”.

The technique of casts

And it was precisely to illuminate a new lighthouse on the events of the city and on those last devastating hours of 79 AD, says Zuchtriegel, that it was decided to resort to casts technique as it was a few months ago for the slave room of the villa of Civita Giuliana. Here, too, the plaster made the furnishings reappear, the trunk for precious things emptied in a hurry, although not completely, since on its bottom you can still see a lamp, a saucer, a strip of fabric. And then again, the pillow left on the bed, the beams collapsed on the furniture, even in an upstairs room, a pack of 7 tablets, perhaps contracted, held together by string and sealed with sealing wax, as was done at the time with documents. “For Pompeii this cast is unique”, the director points out.

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Soon it will be possible to visit

The idea, meanwhile, anticipates Zuchtriegel, is to work on a project for the securing of the environments in order to be able to them open to visitors, with a path that from the splendor of the house of Lucretius Frontone leads to the bare walls of this house, which perhaps once – before the earthquake of 62 BC – had been the residence of a notable, then dismembered and occupied by a less wealthy family. “An extraordinary team work, a beautiful story of redemption, Pompeii never ceases to amaze ” , comments Minister Franceschini. Even more, perhaps, with this glimpse into a more modest yet at times incredibly current everyday life.

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