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Pont Donnaz, dry five The summit is now only two points

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He scores immediately against Vado, then spreads in the second half and hits yet another victory. The Castellanzese overwhelms the Gozzano and reached him in the lead, Pdhae in third place

MONTJOVET. Round victory for Pont Donnaz Hone Arnad Evancon who, thanks to his brilliant state of form, knocks out a Vado who has made the figure of a sparring partner.

The Sentinel of Monday 29 March in a minute

Taking advantage of the tennis result that the Castellanzese has trimmed to Gozzano in the clash at the top, the boys of Cretaz have gone to only two lengths from the top of the standings led precisely by the aforementioned couple. The only regret of the day was the muscle injury that occurred to Balzo in the final match, right after his goal, the severity of which will be assessed during the week.

A game that, as mentioned, did not reserve major problems for the troops of Mr. Cretaz who after just 8 ‘of the match went ahead with Varvelli, quick to anticipate the guest rearguard on Jeantet’s cross from the wing. The reaction of the Ligurians was impalpable and Vinci was never seriously called into question while the Valle d’Aosta, on the counterattack, were not precise in the last step. Upon returning after the break, after not even a turn of the hands, Varvelli suffers a knockdown in the area and Tanasa transforms the subsequent penalty bringing his team to the double advantage. Definitely on ice in the 7th minute with Jeantet’s goal launched in the corridor by Vervelli who returns to his teammate the assist received on the occasion of the first goal.

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The rest is pure academy with the Ligurians trying unsuccessfully to get back into the game while the orange, now masters of the game, try to sting on the counterattack, scoring in the 36th minute with Sterrantino whose palombella overtakes Luppi in exit. There is still time for the pokerissimo that is served 2 ‘later by Balzo whose header on the corner beaten by Jeantet leaves no chance for the Ligurian goalkeeper. After this victory, the Valle d’Aosta are expected in the midweek round, scheduled for Thursday 1 April at 3 pm, in which they will visit the Fossano. Meanwhile, the Interregional department, starting from 25 April, reserves the right to temporarily suspend the scheduling of the races as per the calendar, in order to ensure that the final phase of the Championship, as far as possible taking into account the health emergency situation, takes place in conditions of parity between the participating clubs and consequently, the scheduling of the recovery matches of the groups concerned will be privileged. –

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