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Pope Francis: “Resignation? Door open, but the Lord will say it” – breaking latest news

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Pope Francis: “Resignation? Door open, but the Lord will say it” – breaking latest news

Vatican City, 30 July 2022 – Resignation? “The door is open”. A trip to Ukraine? “I’d like to go,” but “let’s see now what I find when I get home.” political elections in Italy? We need “civic responsibility”. It’s a Pope francesco who speaks at 360 ° the one who answers journalists’ questions on the return flight from Canadawhere he also met indigenous communities asking their forgiveness for those practices of cultural assimilation in Catholic residential schools.

Bergoglio thus returns to speak of a possible step backwards as made by his predecessor Benedict XVI. The idea – he explains him – is not “a catastrophe” because “you can change Popeno problem”, “but it will be the Lord who will say it”. “The door is open, it is a normal option, but up to now I have not knocked on this door”, says the pontiff, while admitting that he cannot go “at the same pace as before”. “I think that at my age and with this limitation I have to save a little to be able to serve the Church – he adds -. I have to limit myself a little with these efforts”. On the other hand, Francesco also explains that “knee surgery it doesn’t work “because” there is the whole problem of anesthesia. “” I underwent more than six hours of anesthesia ten months ago and there are still traces – he says -. You don’t play, you don’t mess with anesthesia “.

Have you ever thought about what characteristics you would like your successor to have? “This is a work of the Holy Spirit. I would never dare to think … The Holy Spirit knows how to do this better than me, better than all of us”, she stresses.

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But in the air trip that takes him back to Rome, there is also room to discuss the upcoming elections in our country. “I don’t want to get involved in Italian internal politics”, he specifies. But, answering those who ask him how he experienced the fall of Mario Draghi, he points out: “Nobody can say that President Draghi was not a man of high international quality. IT IS been president of the Bank (European Central). He has had a good career. I only asked one question to one of my collaborators: tell me, how many governments has Italy had in this century? He told me 20. This is my answer … “. So the appeal to the political forces to” civic responsibility “.

Finally, Bergoglio also turns a look to the Church and, although without exaggerating himself, leaves a glimmer open on the possibility that one day it may revise its doctrine on contraception. “The duty of theologians – he observes – is theological research. One does not do theology with a ‘no’ in front of it. It will be the magisterium that says ‘no’, but theological development must be open. The magisterium must help to understand the limits. On contraceptives, the documents of a congress came out. At the congress they tried to go forward in doctrine but in an ecclesial sense. The magisterium will say: yes, that’s okay, it’s not good “.

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