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Pope Francis: “There are No Vax cardinals even in the Vatican. And they get sick” – breaking latest news

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Rome, 15 September 2021 – I’m there No Vax even in the Vatican. He affirmed it Pope francesco in response to a question about vaccines during the return flight to Rome from the 34th apostolic trip to Budapest and Slovakia. “Also in the college of cardinals there are deniers and one of these, poor fellow, is hospitalized with the virus … irony of life“, referring to the cardinal Raymond Burke, admitted to intensive care.

“All vaccinated in the Vatican”

“It is a bit strange – he stressed referring to the divisive positions on anti-Covid vaccines – why humanity has a history of friendship with vaccines: measles, polio … “.” Perhaps this virulence is due to uncertainty, not just the pandemic. There is the diversity of vaccines and also the fame of some vaccines that are a little more than distilled water and this has created a fear, “said the Pope.” Others who say it is a danger because they say that with the vaccine the virus gets inside you. “” I don’t know how to explain it well, some say because the vaccines are not sufficiently tested. It should be clarified: in the Vatican they are all vaccinated except a small group who are studying how to help, “he added.

“Abortion is murder”

Abortion is also one of the issues the Pope returned to. And Francesco said: “abortion is murder” but the bishops must be “pastors” and not “politicians”. The Pontiff spoke in reference to the debate within the US Bishops’ Conference on denying communion to Catholic politicians in favor of the ‘pro-choice’ positions, including President Joe Biden. The Pope reiterated that those who practice abortion “kill” but he criticized the position of some Catholic bishops who want to deny communion.

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“Marriage, a sacrament between man and woman”

Another topic addressed by Pope Francis is the question of homosexual marriage after the resolution of the European Parliament in Strasbourg calling on the Member States to recognize them. “Marriage like sacrament is man-woman. The Church cannot deny its truth “. But the Pontiff stressed that” it is important “that there are” laws that try to help the situation of many people of different sexual orientation. “And not only for homosexuals, he specified, but “for all those people who want to ‘associate’,” he said referring to a law in France.

“Laws on civil unions are fine”

Pope Francis added that “if a homosexual couple wants to lead (forward) a life together, the states have the possibility to civilly support them, for the safety of heredity, of health. But marriage is a sacrament and the Church has no power to change the sacraments as the Lord instituted them. “Marriage, he continued,” as a sacrament is clear “,”marriage is marriage and this does not mean condemning “those who do not think so,” are our brothers and sisters “.

“That there are civil laws to provide for people to associate “which has nothing to do with the homosexuality issue, he remarked why” homosexual couples may or may not use these laws “but” marriage as a sacrament is man-woman “.

“Do not create confusion”

“Sometimes what I said, confusion is created“, he then added, referring, without citing him to the documentary ‘Francis’ in which some of his statements were put together on the subject.” We are all the same, respect everyone, but please do not let the Church deny its truth ‘”, he reiterated. The Pontiff continued by saying that” there are many, many people of homosexual orientation who approach the sacrament of penance or they ask the priests for advice and the church helps them to go on in their lives but the sacrament of marriage is great. “

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