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Pordenone finds Strizzolo as an enemy

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The bomber, who on Monday did the lizards a favor by scoring at the Cremonese, this time is an opponent with “his” Cremonese

PORDENONE. Last Monday he did the lizards a favor: his goal-victory against Cosenza, a direct competitor of the neroverdi to salvation. Who knows, maybe he will have remembered his old teammates, because he is linked to them and the club. But tomorrow will be another story. Pordenone is about to face a “friend”, Luca Strizzolo, bomber of Bicinicco della Cremonese, illustrious former on duty, who with Mauro Lovisa’s company revealed himself (in 2010), exploded (in 2016) and finally confirmed himself (in 2020). At De Marchi three fundamental experiences for the 28-year-old from Friuli. Last January he could play poker, then it went differently. In a few hours the “reunion”. For now only for 90 ‘and by opponents.

While Davide Diaw, at the end of the winter transfer market, was about to land at Monza, the director Matteo Lovisa and the ds Emanuele Berrettoni had already identified his replacement in the Lombard striker. From one Udine to another, with good reason: “Striz” knew the environment, was (and is) considered an excellent player and his profile corresponded to sustainable economic parameters. However, Cremonese said “no”: the coach Fabio Pecchia, who had just arrived at the time, had expressed his desire not to let the player leave. A correct move, because the number 9 guaranteed his contribution and still does (six goals scored). Following that refusal, Pordenone then took other paths and hired Morra, now in the pits. The alternative had been identified and was compatible with the budget. However, the technical projects of the “Cremo” stopped the deal.

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Strizzolo is fine with Zini but would have returned to Pordenone. In 2009, as a 17 year old taken from Ancona, he exploded in Serie D thanks to the guidance of Giovanni Bosi, one who knows about young people (he has been training the Atalanta students for years). He went up to C and then returned to the green lizards in 2015. Sold the De Cenco bomber (8 goals) in the winter market, trainer Bruno Tedino rolled up his sleeves and bet everything on “Striz”, who still had to prove everything in the category. Bet won: 8 goals in the second round and, at the end of the season, passage to the Cittadella in B for the player.

In the summer of 2019 the bomber returned to the shore of the Noncello and for him another 8 goals in B. Each time he left the neroverdi, he never met them as opponents again except in the first round in Lignano where after the interval was substituted because not at the top. Now the comparison, the desire to score for his Cremonese and who knows, maybe in the future he will be able to make that poker touched last January.

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