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Pordenone knows how certain businesses are done

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From the challenge in C with Arezzo in 2015 to last year’s success in Empoli: here are the virtuous examples to imitate

PORDENONE. One thing is certain: Pordenone will go to Empoli with nothing to lose, given its conditions. Tesser’s team will play at the leaders’ home – who have not lost in 22 games – without at least eight players.

It will take a real undertaking at least not to be defeated. The lizards, however, in their recent history have scored some bang in full emergency or in any case in situations of great difficulty during the race. It is worth retracing them. And who knows if they will not give the charge to the eleven who will take the field tomorrow at Castellani.

One of the first sporting miracles that come to mind dates back to the Serie C championship of 2014-2015, the first after eleven years of amateurism. It was February 28, 2015. The group, led by Fabio Rossitto at the time, had to face Arezzo at Bottecchia.

It was a fundamental challenge in terms of salvation. Who immediately started uphill: after not even a minute of play Ferrani was sent off for an elbow. Ramarri already outnumbered. At 11 ‘the captain and striker Maccan had to leave due to injury. Nonetheless, in the 56th minute Maracchi headed with Bertolucci’s assist and the team managed to win 1-0. An epic feat.

The following season, with Bruno Tedino on the bench, Pordenone went on 12 December 2015 to play in Cuneo without seven players. Among these also De Cenco, the team’s top scorer.

From bad to worse: on the eve of the match, his substitute, Strizzolo, also stopped. The coach was forced to make his debut from 1 ‘Martignago, Filippini invented center forward and in midfield he made Baruzzini debut, who now plays in Excellence. Final results? 1-0 for the neroverdi thanks to a goal by Filippini on an assist from “Kevin” Cosner. Even today Tedino remembers that match as one of the best in his career.

The promotion tournament – with Tesser on the bench – something incredible happened. In Meda, on the Renate pitch, on February 16, 2019 the two central defensive units were injured during the warm-up. Stefani and Barison had to mark a visit. In their place Bassoli and Vogliacco played. At 18 ‘of the second half the first was sent off. Despite being outnumbered and in difficulty, the neroverdi went close to the coup: they were 1-0 (goal by Burrai) until the 92nd minute when De Sena found an incredible goal. It ended 1-1 and on that occasion the striker from Brianza was seriously injured.

Another feat always with Tesser at the helm, Pordenone scored in the Serie B championship last year, when they drew 1-1 with Chievo at Bentegodi (29 September 2019). On the occasion, only Bindi and Pobega were missing but, after taking the lead with Strizzolo, between 51 ‘and 57’ they remained in ten following the expulsions of Strizzolo and Chiaretti (very questionable). The Gialloblù in the meantime found the 1-1 (with Djordjevic), claimed a clear penalty, nearly won but in the end the lizards left the field with a punticino. And again last season, in Empoli, Pordenone went to play fresh from a draw and four defeats in five games. It was February 29 and the Covid nightmare was already raging. With a goal by Bocalon they won 1-0 and chased away the crisis. At De Marchi they hope to see that film again. –


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