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Pordenone market stopped first sells, then purchases

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Pordenone market stopped first sells, then purchases

The goal is to collect a few hundred thousand euros thanks to the sales. The most expensive contracts are off the budget: Ciciretti, Misuraca, Kupisz and Camporese

PORDENONE. First the exits, then the entrances. The director of the technical area Matteo Lovisa has emphasized this concept several times. It is true that this is only in the initial phase of the transfer market, but at the moment no official offers have been received at Pordenone for its players.

And there are 21 elements currently linked to the Friulian society, with at least a dozen of them no longer included in the technical plans and who, therefore, have their suitcases in hand.

The goal is to collect a few hundred thousand euros thanks to sales and, in particular, to relieve the budget from some heavy contracts for the C series.

The relationships that particularly affect the Neroverdi income statement are those of Amato Ciciretti, Gianvito Misuraca, Tomasz Kupisz and Michele Camporese. The reason? These are competitive players among the cadets, who had signed thick contracts for the category. It is no coincidence that all of them, last January, were loaned to lighten the expense item.

It is likely that, during the market, they will find accommodation. However, it depends when: the ideal for the company would be to complete these operations already in July, before the meeting and the retreat scheduled for the middle of next month. Camporese is in the sights of Modena, Kupisz could land at Perugia, but at the moment there has been no further talk and interest.

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Also coming out are Samuele Perisan, Alberto Barison, Karlo Butic, Hamza El Kaouakibi and Emanuele Torrasi. Everyone has a market in Serie B, with Barison and Butic seriously entering the sights of South Tyrol.

Pordenone, even from them, wants to collect something: the intention is not to sell them at no cost. They are not experienced players among the cadets like the other teammates, but they can be worth an investment because they have shown some qualities (and room for improvement) with the lizard shirt.

Particularly not insignificant, then, is that Torrasi is still an “under”, therefore popular with B clubs, who need young people to be included in the list. As for Youssouph Sylla, Mihael Onisa and Matteo Perri, the intent is to find them accommodation in Lega Pro so that they can express themselves continuously. For Federico Valietti the situation is different: he doesn’t seem to fit in with the plans, but he’s on a two-year loan from Genoa.

A month and a half have passed since the end of the cadet championship and still there have been no incoming and outgoing operations.

In the next two weeks some news are necessarily expected: the team meets in mid-July and the new coach Domenico Di Carlo needs to be able to work with players who will certainly be part of the squad that will face the Serie C championship.

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