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Pordenone, money cannot be an alibi

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Seven million in the budget between fixed part and bonus, but Perugia, Cosenza and Cittadella spent less than Lovisa’s club

PORDENONE. One of the questions that the fans ask themselves is the usual one: how much does the Pordenone first team cost in terms of salaries? The question was answered by Gazzetta dello Sport with a special on all Serie B clubs.

The expenditure relating to the thirty players currently under contract with the lizards is equal to 7 million euros (gross), represented by 5,298,135 of the fixed part and of 1,769,400 of the variable part. It is a high cost, but high-level football involves this type of outing.

And in this regard, it makes us think that Mauro Lovisa’s company is at the bottom of the category: only Perugia (with 6.4 million euros), Cosenza (4.5) and Cittadella (3.1) have spent less.

All the other associations have invested more, starting with Parma, at the top with an exit of 32.5 million euros (but with 51 players under contract).
Moreover, Pordenone, again according to the report of the Milanese newspaper, is one of those clubs that recorded an increase of less than 5% compared to the previous tournament relating to salaries.

Cosenza, Cremonese, Monza, Pisa, Reggina and Vicenza have gone beyond this threshold. This therefore means that even last season the Friulian company had recorded a conspicuous exit, but on the other hand, certain concepts cannot be escaped: Serie B is the second Italian professional championship and it is really difficult to contain costs and obtain great sporting results. as masterfully does the Cittadella.

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It should be said rather that, compared to 2020-2021, Pordenone has increased its spending, but compared to twelve months ago it has worsened its position in the ranking since it is now in last place.

However, the championship is still quite long and the hierarchies can always change.
As for the expenditure linked to the players, having said that Parma is at the top with over 30 million, to complete the podium there are Monza (21.3 million for 33 members) and Benevento (17 million for 25 members).

Both the ducals and the Campania region still suffer from some “heavy” contracts linked to the previous season in Serie A. Behind them, there are Cremonese (14 million for 30 players), Frosinone (12.4 million for 25 players), Brescia ( 11.6 million for 29 players) and Lecce (the same expense as the swallows but with 44 items to pay).

Those who register the most investments are usually higher in the rankings: the ranking only partially demonstrates this, given that Parma and Monza are currently even out of the play-offs.
Of the players currently available to Bruno Tedino, seven are on loan (Petriccione, Tsadjout, Cambiaghi, Pellegrini, Valietti, Folorunsho, Pinato) while the others are all owned.

As far as contracts are concerned, the most lasting one was signed by Magnino, who last summer extended the bond until June 2025.

The others, on the other hand, have maturities ranging from 2022 to 2024. Over the years the company has invested to have proprietary players, gaining in some cases: the sales of Diaw, Ciurria and Vogliacco have been able to generate excellent revenues to cover management costs.

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