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Pordenone wants to snatch Dei from Rastelli

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Pordenone wants to snatch Dei from Rastelli

The goalkeeper coach is on the staff of the Campania coach, but the club intends to keep him and add him to Di Carlo’s group

PORDENONE. Pordenone does not give up: they want the goalkeeper coach for next season to be David Dei, who is not part of the staff of the new coach Domenico Di Carlo but of Massimo Rastelli, the coach with whom he arrived at De Marchi last September . Dei still has one year on his contract and the Friulian club intends to enforce it.

It is no coincidence that he summoned the professional for the July rally. On this occasion the goalkeeper coach will have to present himself, it is his obligation. If he were not to answer the call, the bond would automatically expire (with all the related economic consequences).

The situation is not simple. Each coach is linked to his staff and each staff member is linked to their coach. Working groups rarely dissolve, unless there is a willingness to undertake different experiences after years spent together. Dei has been collaborating with the Campania coach since 2010.

Only on one occasion did the two stay apart. The case occurred when Rastelli was exonerated from Cagliari – October 2017 – and the goalkeeper coach was asked to stay until the end of the tournament. However, it was a different case from the current one: the season was in full swing and Rastelli himself could not find a new “home” until the next championship.

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What happens now? Di Carlo, first of all, will be forced to collaborate with a member of another staff. Understanding and sharing of ideas can be found, also because Dei is very prepared, but it takes time. And it should be remembered that Pordenone had said they wanted to give the coach carte blanche to choose his team. On paper it doesn’t seem like the ideal way to start a new year.

Dei, for his part, if he remains, he will not be able to follow Rastelli during the season (always assuming that the latter find a new bench).

Furthermore, Rastelli himself cannot oblige his trainer not to show up at the meeting and thus renounce the contract. In short, a thorny picture.

How to get out? Pordenone and Dei find an agreement for the resolution. Otherwise the goalkeeper coach will make himself available to Di Carlo.

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