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Pordenone, what a blow: Ciciretti is on the way. Ciurria with the suitcases ready for Monza

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The Napoli playmaker will sign a three-year contract. The “Infantryman” destined to leave: the Brianza area is on pole

PORDENONE. The magic left of Amato Ciciretti (born in 1993) in neroverde. The big blow you don’t expect comes right after lunchtime on a hot Thursday in July. To the delight of the Pordenone fans. Even if the vagaries of the transfer market require caution, as long as there is no official status.

According to rumors, however, only a few details are missing and the playmaker owned by Napoli, last season on loan to Chievo, will become in effect a new black-green player: a three-year contract is ready for him.

The player, who has so far prepared for the orders of Luciano Spalletti in the Dimaro blue retreat, boasts a record in Benevento: it was he, in fact, who made the first historic goal in Serie A of the Samnites, in August 2017 at the Marassi stadium against Sampdoria (who then managed to overturn the result).

His last goal in Serie B, on the other hand, coincidentally, was scored precisely at Pordenone during the 3-0 round with which last March the clivensi overcame the lizards, decimated by absences.

Very flexible, as it can be used behind two strikers, as a left winger and also as an added center forward, Ciciretti represents an important purchase for Pordenone’s ambitions, also for his ballistic skills: he is skilled on set pieces and from distance.

It is now a question of understanding where Paci will decide to deploy him in his hypothetical 4-4-2. He could go to occupy the left lane, in this case moving the center of gravity of the team forward, or put himself at the service of a first striker (Tsadjout).

In the latter case, in the perspective of a balance dictated by economic and tactical reasons, the sacrificed could be Patrick Ciurria (1995), the most requested man of the black-green rose. If the Ciciretti affair is in the pipeline, it is not excluded that the departure of the “Infantryman” is now upon us.

For where? The favorite club to sign him remains Monza, despite the high-sounding names of Brianza Adam Ounas (1996) of Napoli and Junior Messiah (1991) of Crotone. But without excluding surprises. Meanwhile, a fresh ex neroverde returns to Italy. Polish striker (of Rakow) Sebastian Musiolik (1996), who scored 6 goals with the Pordenone shirt last season, is in fact one step away from signing for Crotone.

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