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Pordenone will return to travel only to the North: there will be the derby with Triestina again

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Pordenone will return to travel only to the North: there will be the derby with Triestina again

PORDENONE. The Serie B championship has just ended for Pordenone. However, we are already thinking about the next C series, the new reality of the green lizards after the three years spent among the cadets.

What, then, will be the rivals of the Friulians? Taking for granted the horizontal division of the groups, to which Serie C returned in the current season, the neroverdi will be included in group A which will group all the clubs in Northern Italy.

Since C’s play-offs and B’s play-outs are still underway, the roster of clubs that will make up the grouping is still in the making. There are many aspects to be clarified and worth discovering.


The Lega Pro is structured on three groups of 20 for a total of 60 clubs. 22 teams are currently competing for group A. There are four situations in the balance, which are linked to Vicenza, FeralpiSalò, Juventus Under 23 and Padua. Lanerossi is involved in the play-offs of the cadet tournament with Cosenza.

Thanks to Menti’s success in race one 1-0, he leads the series and has a good chance of staying in the category. Race two is scheduled for Friday 20 May in a fiery San Vito-Marulla. He must necessarily keep the advantage, otherwise in case of a tie at the end of the double challenge he goes down to C.

However, the chances of staying in Serie B seem good, as Reggina is not sailing in good waters and risks not registering for the next tournament. At the moment, however, they are chatter.

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Feralpi, Juve and Padova are facing the Serie C play-offs. The quarter-finals begin on Tuesday with the first leg match (return on 21st). And the biancoscudati, having finished the regular season in second place, have a good chance of climbing.

The fate of the other 18 participants depends on the results of these teams. It is clear that if the four teams still involved are part of the next C, the roster would rise to 22. Two teams would thus be forced to emigrate to group B.


In any case, the companies in Northern Italy who are certain to participate in the next Series C are 18. Almost half of them – 8 – come from Lombardy. They are AlbinoLeffe, Lecco, Mantua, Pergolettese, Pro Patria, Pro Sesto, Renate and the freshman Sangiuliano City, team from San Giuliano Milanese, winner of group B of Serie D.

Three come from Piedmont, namely Alessandria (relegated together with Pordenone), Pro Vercelli and Novara (the latter first in group B of Serie D). Two teams come from Veneto (Virtus Vecomp and Arzignano or Clodiense), as many from Emilia (Piacenza and Fiorenzuola) and one from Trentino, Trento, who saved themselves in the play-outs.

Then Friuli Venezia Giulia: there will be Pordenone and Triestina, thus bringing back on the screens of the Lega Pro a derby that is missing from 2018-2019, the championship at the end of which the lizards climbed among the cadets. A very heartfelt competition, the daughter of a rivalry born during the last seasons of Serie C by both teams.

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There are certainly very interesting games on the horizon, some unreleased at least in the last twenty years. With the Pro Sesto, the Pro Vercelli and the Trento, for example, the green lizards have not played since 2003 and since the C2 series tournament, the last among the professionals before the new landing on the “pro” planet in 2014.

We will review an old classic of Lovisa management in Serie D with Virtus Vecomp, then the unreleased ones with Piacenza and Sangiuliano City. As you can see, there will be many stories to tell.

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