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Pordenone, you have to sweat for the winter title

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Pordenone, you have to sweat for the winter title

It’s true that you can’t always win, but at the same time it should be underlined that in the last two rounds Pordenone has dissipated its advantage over its pursuers. Following two draws in a row, the margin was reduced from 5 lengths to only one, with the consequence that Domenico Di Carlo’s team will have to sweat if they want to celebrate the winter title.

Six teams in four at 270′ from the halfway point: the fight to arrive in front of everyone at the finish line everyone aspires to is exciting, even though officially declaring that nopn is important. Obviously this is not the case, because whoever is first in the middle of the championship often wins the tournament. The green lizards must start accelerating again, aware that the match against Vicenza scheduled at Teghil in 8 days will mean a lot.

It’s not an entirely simple calendar, what they have in front of them, if only because Pro Vercelli comes from three useful results in a row and Albinoleffe have only lost one challenge in the last seven. Despite being out of the playoffs at the moment, they have proven to be solid teams.

As for Vicenza, on the other hand, suffice it to say that they are the team in the best shape: the one obtained against Trento represented the fourth victory in a row, with mister Modesto a result capable of giving a shock on balance. Arriving in place of Francesco Baldini, he turned the team around, moving to two points from the top. The match against Pergolettese on Sunday is important, but the coach as well as the group know that a lot will be played at Teghil against Pordenone.

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Feralpisalò and Lecco are also making a big comeback, which in the last two races, winning both, have “eaten” four points from Pordenone.

For them two away games like the lizards. The next round is particularly insidious, if only because Triestina – Feralpi’s adversary – is led by the former Pavanel and despite being last, a reaction is expected, while Pro Patria is Lecco’s opponent par excellence (he is a true and just derby). Even the last two rounds won’t be easy for both, with Pro Sesto on the last day for Feralpisalò.

Andreoletti’s team, in this regard, is at an altitude of 28 and continues to prove solid: after the draw with Pordenone they won with Vecomp away and extended their number of consecutive matches to eight without losing. He could be the outsider in this fight for the winter title, considering that he faces weaker teams in the next 180′.

Renate, on the other hand, is in decline – a success in the last five outings – yet he has three affordable rivals in front of him. He can get back on track. Definitely detached Novara and Juventus Next Gen, who will try to come on anyway.

In closing, however, it must be said that Pordenone has its destiny in its hands: it commands the standings, albeit with a single point advantage, and passing first to the intermediate finish line depends only on its results and performance. Just do better than the match against Pro Patria, where we saw an inattentive and not very concrete group.

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