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Portogruaro, car ends up in a canal in the night: three young people dead

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Portogruaro, car ends up in a canal in the night: three young people dead

Three young people, two of whom were engaged, died in a road accident that occurred during the night between Thursday 7 and Friday 8 December in Portogruaro, in the province of Venice. According to investigations by the police and firefighters, the car, a BMW Series 3, after having almost certainly gone off the road due to high speed, ended up in the Lemene river. The bodies of the three people on board, two boys and a girl, were recovered by divers.

The dynamics

The crash occurred in the Borgo Sant’Agnese area around 3 am, the victims are all young people in their early twenties. According to some witnesses, the car went straight around a curve, breaking through a gate before ending up in the water and sinking after crossing a small bridge over the Reghena river. The divers searched the canal to exclude the presence of other people on board the car. The car was hooked up and pulled up with the victims’ bodies still inside. The prosecutor on duty ordered an autopsy to be carried out on the driver to understand the psychophysical state in which he was driving.

The victims

The victims are Giulia di Tillio, 21 years old, who lived in Portogruaro, Egli Gjeci, of Albanian origins and also resident in Portogruaro, and Hoti Altin, 22 years old from Kosovo, who lived in Concordia Sagittaria. The latter, who had been engaged to Giulia for two years, was driving the car which he also owned and six months ago he had been struck by a serious loss when his brother Admir, who at the age of 18 had lost his life in a similar road accident in which he was involved together with his father.

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The rescues

The firefighters’ searches in the river waters continued several hours after the rumor spread that there was a fourth boy on board the sedan but the checks gave negative results. The divers worked all morning to search the waterways where the accident occurred (which are about three meters deep) and try to recover some personal objects belonging to the three victims.

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