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Power outage in the back! The Blues’ three-goal defeat is not wrong, Tuchel sees Ziten Hag? _Mendy_Game_Errors

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Power outage in the back! The Blues’ three-goal defeat is not wrong, Tuchel sees Ziten Hag? _Mendy_Game_Errors

Original title: Power outage in the back field! The Blues’ three-goal defeat is not wrong, Tuchel sees Ziten Hag?

In the third round of the Premier League in the 22-23 season, Chelsea lost to Leeds United 0-3. This was the first time the team lost to Leeds since December 2002, and its unbeaten record against opponents in the past 20 years has ended.

Behind this three-goal defeat, the Blues fans are even more worried about the team’s game process. With the injury of the midfielder Kante, the power outage of the Blues’ defensive system also reflects the importance of Kante.

In midfield, although the Blues had 60% of the ball in possession, the midfield combination of Jorginho and Gallagher did not perform much. In this game, the passing success rates of the two of them were relatively average (73% for Gallagher, 84% for Jorginho), and the two of them on the offensive end only had a combined shot, and they were hardly seen in the broadcast footage. . It is worth mentioning that Gallagher’s few appearances are still a missed opportunity at close range in front of the goal.

And Tuchel’s dissatisfaction with the pair of midfielders was also directly reflected in the substitution, and the two were replaced at the same time in the 64th minute.

On the basis that the midfield is difficult to provide a barrier, the performance of the Blues’ backcourt is even worse.

Among them, the most typical is the Blues goalkeeper Mendy, the team’s first goal conceded entirely from his mistakes.

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In the 32nd minute, in the face of a return pass from Thiago Silva, Mendy chose to smash the ball willfully to show his skills, but some “Karius upper body” he was successfully grabbed by Aronson, this huge and huge Super mistakes also broke the deadlock on the field.

It is worth mentioning that this is not the first time that Mendy has made similar mistakes. As early as last year’s Champions League game with Real Madrid and the league game with West Ham, Mendy all lost the ball due to mistakes in the backcourt and played with fire. “.

Not long after Mendy’s mistake and gift, Leeds United had a chance to set the ball, Rodrigo grabbed the goal and made Mendy’s save again. Mendy’s 5-minute disaster performance also established the tone of loss.

In addition to Mendy, the team’s defender Koulibaly also suffered Black Saturday, and his performance in the game was extremely “eye-catching” even after eating two yellows and dyeing red.

First, in the 9th minute, he was freed from a one-on-one defense on the wing, and then he was forced to pull down the opponent to become yellow. In the 86th minute of the second half, when Leeds United started a counterattack, he had no choice but to commit a tactical foul and left the field with two yellows on his back.

Compared with the performance of scoring on the first show of the season, Koulibaly’s game can be called the end of the honeymoon period. In the whoscored post-match score, his score of 6.3 is only higher than Mendy, ranking last in the team. two.

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Counting the 0-3 loss to Leeds United, after 3 rounds of the new season, the Blues have conceded a total of 5 goals, which is 10 rounds earlier than last season. It took 13 rounds to concede 5 goals.

According to British media statistics, this game is the 60th league game of Tuchel’s Blues career, and the number of goals conceded in the first 30 league games coached is only 17 goals, but counting the last 30 games after the war today He scored 34 goals, twice as many as the former. This data also intuitively reflects the downward trend of Tuchel’s career in the Blues.

With Kante’s absence, Tuchel and the team’s defense system experienced a fiasco, which also made them understand that there is a long way to go in the new season.

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