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Praet, the red alarm goes off: the Bull still loses pieces

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TORINO. He left tired, came back with a question mark. The championship has not yet resumed, but Toro risks losing Dennis Praet’s imagination again. There are hours of waiting for the Belgian who returned early from his national team due to a new problem in his left thigh that could make him miss (at least) the next match against Udinese. How serious the problem is will be established by the in-depth examinations that the grenade will carry out the same day on the day of the resumption of training in Philadelphia, but the only danger averted for now seems to be that of a relapse given that the player has already skipped a month due to the hamstring strain: this time the pain felt is elsewhere.

However, this is the umpteenth non-traumatic stop that happened to an element of Juric’s group, who in the first twelve days of the championship collected more injuries than points. A time normally useful for framing even the new arrivals, even if in Praet’s case it served more than anything else to increase the expectation and expectations of a pawn who hinted at how useful it can be for the grenade game, but which is always stumbled upon take off. So far he has put together just three games as a starter, however, having time to score a goal, hit two posts and pack an assist.

On paper, indispensable, but a bit fragile to the test of facts. For the moment Toro has known more than anything else this side of Praet, that is that of a footballer who in the last year at Leicester has played in the Premier League just 10 matches from the beginning and all concentrated in the attack of the season, before giving up to a bad thigh injury that ousted him for three months. A Toro who wanted to avoid another Pjaca case – recovered in record time and then lost for a month and a half -, on the other hand, risks having it dusted off. In fact, the small gamble of making him play against Spezia did not pay off. Toro lost, Praet played the worst match in the grenade – and the first one played in full – and then got hurt in the national team. With hindsight, the situation of a boy could have been managed in another way who, as Juric also confessed before the trip, had not fully recovered from the effort of the time before against Sampdoria and in the original plans he would not have even had to play .

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Even Ricardo Rodriguez paid dearly to qualify for the World Cup in Qatar, stuck against Italy: an injury to his right thigh is assumed for the Swiss. The magnetic resonance will establish the exact type of injury and the prognosis, but there is a fear of a long stop and at this point of the season the defender could be available again in the new year. Yet another headache for Juric who continues to lose heavy pieces. –

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