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Premier League roundup: Manchester City beat Bournemouth, Arsenal and Crest City_Haaland_Sousse_Manchester United

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Premier League roundup: Manchester City beat Bournemouth, Arsenal and Crest City

Xinhua| special city. Manchester United suffered a two-game losing streak in the Premier League and lost 0:4 to Brentford.

Although Bournemouth beat Aston Villa last week and achieved a “good start” after returning to the Premier League, it was really difficult to parry in the face of the powerful defending champion Manchester City, and the gate fell three times in the first half.

In the 19th minute, Gundogan and Harland made a wall-kick cooperation at the front of the penalty area, and the former entered the penalty area with a low shot from the far corner. In the 31st minute, De Bruyne, the core of Manchester City’s midfielder, dribbled the ball into the penalty area and scored with a rub from the outside of his right foot. Only 6 minutes later, De Bruyne made a wonderful pass to Foden, and the England teenager hit a shot to extend the score to 3:0.

Despite Bournemouth’s unwavering focus on defence, they conceded another goal after the easy side. In the 79th minute, Cancelo made a cross from the left side of the penalty area, and the ball hit the leg of the visiting defender and refracted into the net. In the end, Manchester City won 4:0.

Although the much-watched Norwegian center Haaland failed to score this game and only touched the ball 8 times in 74 minutes of playing time, Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola has no worries about this new generation of European “Golden Boy” adaptability.

“He’s doing the hardest job in the world. When you’re a striker against a team like Bournemouth with three centre-backs and two players in front, you’re in the middle of them, How are you going to survive? It’s really difficult,” Guardiola said.

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The famous Spanish coach admitted that Haaland will obviously encounter such situations often, but it is only a matter of time before he regains his high efficiency in scoring. “With the right movement and the right rhythm, plus the quality players behind him who can assist him, we will definitely see him (out of the box), I have no doubts about that.”

On the same day, the Brazilian forward Jesus, who was transferred from Manchester City to Arsenal this summer, scored two goals in the first half. In the second half, Leicester City took advantage of the “Oolong gift” given by the home team’s defender to recover a point, but their goalkeeper made a fatal mistake 2 minutes later, and Jesus grabbed the ball and knocked it horizontally, which was played by Xhaka. Empty door.

The “Fox” scored a low shot from Madison in the 74th minute, reducing the gap between the two sides to one goal again, but only one minute later Jesus assisted Martinelli, fixing the score at 4:2.

Manchester United, away to Brentford, conceded four goals in a row in the opening 35 minutes, another defeat after their 1-2 home defeat to Brighton last week. This time, they failed to even score a goal, only taking away 4 yellow cards. In the next round, they will face Liverpool at home.

In addition, Aston Villa beat Everton 2:1, Brighton and Newcastle United shook hands 0:0, Southampton tied Leeds United 2:2 with two goals behind, Wolves and Fuller Mu 0:0 regardless of competition. (Finish)Return to Sohu, see more

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