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President Xi Jinping Hosts Leaders and Attends Opening Ceremony of Hangzhou Asian Games: A Celebration of Harvest and Reunion

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Headline: Hangzhou Asian Games Grandly Opened with President Xi Jinping Meeting Asian Leaders

September 23rd marked the autumnal equinox, a day of harvest and reunion. On this special day, the Hangzhou Asian Games commenced with grandeur. President Xi Jinping held a series of important events, including meetings with Asian leaders, a welcome banquet, and attendance at the opening ceremony.

The opening ceremony took place in the evening at the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center Stadium, where President Xi announced the official opening of the Asian Games. Leaders and distinguished guests from all over Asia were in attendance. The ceremony consisted of various performances, including welcoming acts, athlete processions, oath-taking ceremonies, art performances, and the lighting of the main torch. The theme of the theatrical performance was “Tide of Asia,” which portrayed a fusion of technology, history, culture, and innovation to captivate the global audience.

President Xi’s care and concern for showcasing China’s culture was evident throughout the ceremony. The Liangzhu ancient city served as an inspiration for many of the performances. The opening scene of the ceremony displayed the ancient city, and artifacts from Liangzhu, such as the jade cong, were prominently featured. President Xi has been an advocate for the preservation and recognition of the Liangzhu ruins as a World Heritage Site, and his efforts were reflected in the ceremony.

The opening ceremony also highlighted other cultural elements of Hangzhou, such as the canal, West Lake scenery, and the Qiantang tide. Gongchen Bridge, an iconic landmark in Hangzhou, was featured in the performance, and mascots based on the bridge were present. President Xi has long emphasized the importance of protecting and developing the Hangzhou Canal, advocating for its comprehensive protection and harmonious development. The scenic beauty of West Lake, another symbol of Hangzhou, and its lotus leaves made a stunning appearance. President Xi’s commitment to the comprehensive protection of West Lake contributed to its recognition as a World Cultural Heritage site.

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The Qiantang River, known for its spectacular tides, also played a significant role in the opening ceremony. The emblem of the Hangzhou Asian Games, inspired by the Qiantang Tide, and references to the river were seen throughout the performance. President Xi has actively promoted the management of the Qiantang River, emphasizing its importance to Zhejiang province and its potential impact on the world.

The opening ceremony featured innovative practices, such as the use of digital technology instead of physical fireworks, aligning with President Xi’s vision for a “green Zhejiang and digital Zhejiang.” This concept promotes the development of the digital economy while emphasizing the conservation of the environment.

At noon, President Xi and his wife hosted a welcome banquet at the Xizi Hotel in Hangzhou for the international dignitaries attending the opening ceremony. The banquet aimed to promote peace, unity, and tolerance through sports. It was held in a scenic setting, with misty rain and rippling lakes adding to the ambiance.

The Hangzhou Asian Games opening ceremony, combined with President Xi Jinping’s meetings with Asian leaders and the welcome banquet, conveyed a message of unity, cultural heritage, and the significance of sports in promoting harmony. Through these events, the world witnessed China’s rich history and commitment to international cooperation.

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