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Preview of the first round of the UFN Cup: Shonan Ocean vs Urawa Red Diamonds, Yokohama Mariners VS Iwata Joy_Competition_Season_League

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Preview of the first round of the UFN Cup: Shonan Ocean vs Urawa Red Diamonds, Yokohama Mariners VS Iwata Joy_Competition_Season_League

Original title: UFJ Cup first round preview: Shonan Ocean vs Urawa Red Diamonds, Yokohama Mariners vs Iwata Joy

Shonan Ocean vs Urawa Red Diamonds This game is the first round of the UFJ Cup. The contest between Shonan Marine and Urawa Red Diamonds will be held at Shonan BMW Hiratsuka Arena at 2023-03-0818:00 Beijing time. Shonan Marine ranked first with four wins and two losses in the UFJ Cup group stage last season, but was eliminated by Osaka Sakura 1-5 in the quarterfinals in two rounds. Urawa Red Diamonds entered the quarter-finals directly last season, defeated Nagoya Grampus 4-1 in two rounds in the quarter-finals, and advanced to the semi-finals. The semi-finals were also eliminated by Osaka Sakura 1-4 in two rounds and missed the final.

Shonan Ocean’s performance in the league this season is also quite good. After three rounds of the league, the team is currently ranked sixth in the Japanese Professional Federation with one win and two draws. In the last game, Shonan Marine played away against Kawasaki Frontale, a veteran team of the Japan Professional Federation. At the end of the first half, he assisted Shonan Marine in the last game, and Sun Hiraoka opened the scoring to establish an advantage for the team. But the team was tied by Kawasaki forward in the second half, and finally the two sides drew 1-1. The overall performance of the team in the last game was acceptable.

The team’s offense in the league this season is still remarkable. The first round was scored 5-1, and the second round was also a 2-2 draw. By the end of the last game, the team had scored 8 goals in three rounds this season. The team’s striker and midfielder Hiraoka Sun performed well. The pair have scored five goals for the team this season, with Hashiya tied with Yokohama FC’s Nana Ogawa. Although the team signed Gamba Osaka midfielder Kosuke Onose and Kashima Antlers defender Daiki Tanioka in the offseason, they were loaned out by Tokyo FC striker Keita Yamashita to strengthen their defense. But the team’s defense still has some problems. Four goals have been conceded in three league games this season, with goals conceded in each game.

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Urawa Red Anzu Although Urawa Red Diamonds performed well in the UFJ Cup last season, they did not perform very well in the league this season. In the first two rounds of the league, they failed to score a goal and lost two games in a row. They were blocked by Tokyo FC and Yokohama Mariners respectively. Fortunately, the team defeated Osaka Sakura at home in the last game, and also ushered in the team’s first victory of the season. In the last game, Osaka Sakura took the lead in scoring the first goal of the game. In the second half of the game, the team scored a goal through a penalty kick and an assist from Takadai Sekine. In the end, the team also won the game with a 2-1 victory over Osaka Sakura, ending a two-game losing streak.

During the offseason, the team introduced Bode’s shining central defender Hoybroten, Kumamoto Crimson forward Takahashi Toshiki, Tokushima Uzumaki central defender Iwao Kenzo, and Oita Sangoal goalkeeper Jun Yoshida. However, the team did not perform well in the league, and the situation on both offense and defense was not optimistic. There were goals conceded in each of the three rounds of the league, and the average conceded goals per game also came to 1.6. The defensive line has also exposed many problems, and the team’s defense is worrying. And the offensive end is relatively sluggish, only scoring goals in the last round of the league. Urawa Red Diamonds have 1 draw and 4 losses in the last 5 away games, without a single win. It is difficult to compliment the winning ability of away games.

Comprehensive analysis Although the two teams can be said to be evenly matched from the past ten games in history, both teams have achieved two wins, six draws and two losses. Both teams are mid-range teams in Japan, but the Urawa Red Diamonds The performance of the season is obviously not as good as that of Shonan Marine, and the recent away performance of Urawa Red Diamonds is not very good. On the whole, I personally seem to be more optimistic about the victory of Shonan Ocean, but considering that most of the draws between the two teams will be tied, it is safer to go in the direction of winning.

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Yokohama Mariners VS Pan Tianxi This game is the first round of the UFJ Cup, a contest between Yokohama Mariners and Pan Tianle. The two sides will compete at Nissan Stadium, and the game time is 2023-03-08 18:00 Beijing time.

Yokohama Mariners The performance of the Yokohama Mariners this season is quite good, which can be regarded as a continuation of last season’s performance. They have achieved an unbeaten record of two wins and one tie in three league rounds, and are currently ranked second in the Japanese Professional Federation. The team has also been brave this season. At the beginning of the league, they defeated their old rival Kawasaki Frontale 2-1, and in the second round they locked Urawa Red Diamonds 2-0. But at the beginning of the last game, Sanfrecce Hiroshima did it and gave the opponent a goal in less than five minutes. Fortunately, in the 19th minute, Anderson made a cross from the chest and scored to equalize the score. After that, neither team scored, and finally both teams scored. In the last round, the two sides also played fiercely. The two sides received 6 yellow cards and 1 red card. Nagato in the team also received a red card and will also miss this game.

Although the offense of the Yokohama Mariners is not as fierce as at the end of last season, the offense of the Yokohama Mariners is still quite good this season. After three rounds of the league, they scored 5 goals, and Nakoji Ogawa in the team also scored 3 goals with the Shonan Ocean Bridge, tied for the top scorer list of the Japanese Professional Federation. And the team’s top scorer Nana Honki Ogawa also ranked fourth in the Japanese League. The team still has some problems on defense, but it is much better than last season. The average number of goals conceded this season is less than one.

In the 21st season of Pan Tianbang Xiyue, Pantian Joy advanced to the Japanese League with the first place. However, the team performed poorly in the league last season and ranked bottom in the UFC. This season, Pantian Joy has returned to familiarize himself with the games of Japan B. The team has repeatedly skipped tickets in the games between Japan B and JF. Pan Tianxi’s performance in Japan B this season is not very good. He is currently ranked tenth in Japan B with one win, one draw and one loss. The team’s game in Japan B also didn’t go well. The first round was defeated by Okayama Green Pheasant 3-2, and the second round was a 1-1 draw with Renault Yamaguchi. It wasn’t until the last game that the team won their first victory on Sun B, beating Yamagata Sanshin 2-1.

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The team’s recent defense is full of loopholes. They conceded five goals in the third round of the Japanese B match, but also scored four goals. In addition, because of the transfer ban, Panta was unable to sign a contract during the offseason and could only buy out Sugimoto Kenyong, who was on loan last season. In addition, Nakagawa Chuang and others ended their loan and returned to the team. Fortunately, the team’s recent performance has also improved, gradually from losing the first round to winning the last game. The team’s away record is poor, with only one win in nearly ten away games across the season, and six games were won by opponents during the period.

Comprehensive analysis Yokohama Mariners performed well at home and away this season. On the other hand, Pan Tianbang’s away game is terrible, and the historical confrontation between the two teams is also the Yokohama Mariners’ advantage. On the basis of the paper strength of the two sides, the Yokohama Mariners, the champion of the Japanese Professional Federation last season, are even better. On the contrary, as a relegation horse, Pan Tianbang is still in a slow heat this season. Pan Tianbang is very happy that he has not won an away game this season, so it is not difficult for the Yokohama Mariners to win at home.Return to Sohu to see more

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