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Prince Charles, the revelation: “He received 3 million euros in cash from Qatar”

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Prince Charles, the revelation: “He received 3 million euros in cash from Qatar”

Rome, June 26, 2022 – Il Prince of Wales Charles he would receive from the former prime minister of Qatar sums of cash in the amount of € 3 million. I moneyaccording to what has been revealed by some testimonies of former collaborators of the heir to the throne, they were partly delivered in plastic bags of Fortnum and Mason department stores, while a million euros in cash was delivered in one carrying case. The revelation comes from Sunday Times: according to what has been reconstructed in today’s edition, the sum in the briefcase delivered to Prince Charles would have been one of the three donations destined for charitable works made by Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim.

The sheikh’s donations, it is specified by the Clarence House, were immediately transferred to one of the Prince’s assistance agencies, following all the necessary and correct procedures. The Sunday Times points out that there is no evidence that the payments were illegal.

Carlo received three o’clock in person donations between 2011 and 2015. The funds were allocated to the Charitable Fund of the Prince of Wales, whose stated goal is to “transform lives and build sustainable communities” by awarding grants to various causes and projects in the areas of conservation, education, health and social inclusion. The charity fund headed by the prince, told the Sunday Times, that its trustees concluded the donor was legitimate and the auditors approved the donation.

Donations to Prince Charles’ charities have come under scrutiny in recent months following allegations that one of these charities offered help to a Saudi donor to secure him an honor and British citizenship.

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The Met, the territorial police force responsible for Greater London, had announced earlier this year that it is investigating these allegations under the Honors Act 1925. The foundation – specifies the Sunday Times – would be offering full cooperation while Clarence House assures that the Prince Charles was unaware of the alleged offer of honors or citizenship based on donations to his charities.

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