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Pro Vercelli-Alessandria is worth a slice of B: with Como ko, the grays still believe in it

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Cartel challenge for the grays tonight at the Piola stadium: the eleven of Longo is looking for a bang on the Pro Vercelli pitch where the current coach of Alessandria was helmsman in Serie B (2016-2017). Important memories for one of the great ex of the challenge (the other is Cosenza): «I have already faced the Pro as an opponent: it is certainly a game with a particular flavor in a country to which I am grateful for the opportunity granted to me. always effect going back to where excellent goals have been achieved and where people with whom important seasons have been shared will meet. But when the referee whistles to start everyone will work without giving room to feelings ».

Longo before Pro Vercelli-Alessandria: “The ferocity shown with the Renate could make a difference”

For the grays it will be a real test of maturity: if the victory against Renate was important, the second round of the Brianza is not at the height of the first one, instead the hosts are in great shape. “I believe that Pro Vercelli has great balance in the two phases, takes few goals and scores many thanks to the organization given by the coach and how the individuals who have grown a lot since the beginning of the year express themselves – underlines the guest coach – . I followed them even before coming to Alessandria: they are a cohesive group and this is demonstrated by the exultation of the bench at every goal. We are ready to face a team that is not at the top by chance ».

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This is certainly the cartel match of the day, the coach of the grays confirms it: “I expect a good match to play, against a team that has almost always led this championship at the top of the table, stimulating for both comapgini . It will be an important test for both of us ».

Alexandria is forced to do without Prestia in defense due to disqualification but there is no lack of solutions even if the number one candidate for his replacement is Bellodi (of the mandrogna roses there is now only the long-term patient Frediani in the pits). “As far as the formation is concerned, we are evaluating the recoveries: given the three games we will evaluate until the last moment the players who will have the best recovery and those most functional to play such a game”.

Longo also proves to know the characteristics of his opponents well: “Pro Vercelli plays with three offensive players in front and seeks numerical parity in the defensive phase, so we will have to be good at working quickly and being” clean “on a technical level because when they have the ball they travel by heart since they have the same coach since the summer retreat. We will have to play a particularly careful race with the awareness that we have the weapons to put them in difficulty ».

A match that could be decided by an individual thrust: “Zerbin is a player who intrigued me a lot, he often shifted the balance – says Longo – but it would be limiting to talk only about him, in front of them they have players capable of always creating something, see Rolando , Comi or Gatto. The element of my team that can make the difference will be the competitive ferocity I saw with Renate, that team spirit thanks to which everyone was willing to make an extra race for their teammate ».

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