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professor attacked by two students he had caught smoking

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professor attacked by two students he had caught smoking

First they mocked him, then they verbally attacked him, with such threatening and hostile tones as to cause him to fall ill. The victim yesterday morning was a teacher from the Corni high school in via Aldo Moro. The protagonists of the ‘cowardly’ attack on the teacher would be two students, two kids in one of the classes in which the professor teaches who allegedly ‘attacked’ the man after the teacher had ‘allowed’ to film them. It seems that the discussion arose from the professor’s request to respect the rules. In fact, the children would have been surprised by the teacher while smoking a cigarette inside the school. The professor would have turned to the students asking them to put out their cigarettes, pointing out to the students that smoking is prohibited inside the school. At that point the two, refusing to throw away the butt, would have started to rant against the teacher in ever heavier tones, so much so that the man, at a certain point, would have been taken ill. On the spot, in fact, the emergency services were called and the 118 doctors, who immediately arrived on the spot and then transported the man to the hospital for the usual checks. Following the incident, three patrols from the steering wheel also intervened on the spot. The agents,…

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