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Prosecco Doc Imoco Volley starts winning: 3-0 at the Megabox at Palaverde

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The Panthers of Conegliano debut in front of their fans by beating the newly promoted: homage to the memory of Paolone Sartori

VILLORBA. “For a year we felt more alone.” The excitement of being back all in their places, the fans in the corners and the players on the pitch, is in the words of the speaker of Palaverde Barzi. The percentages written in the decrees do not anesthetize the drums of the Gialloblù Youth and Non Plus Ultra, the choirs of the curve and the applause of the whole building. Only one person is not in his place, to see the return of the Imoco in his lair: Paolone Sartori. The fans dedicate a banner to him: “Forever”, “forever”. The return after Covid is also this: a contrast between the pain for what has been and the joy for what will be.

To break the tension is Loveth Omoruyi, who signs with a block the first point in the league against the newly promoted Vallefoglia. Coach Daniele Santarelli has chosen her with Megan Courtney as spikers, in the center Folie rests after the Super Cup, leaving room for the newcomer Vuchkova with De Kruijf, diagonally the classic Wolosz-Egonu. Omoruyi, if needed, in the first phase of the match seems to want to tell coach Santarelli that this year he will take many more minutes on the pitch. Courtney stumbles into reception twice, and asks Sylla to go to the locker room to find some more shoes. And it’s as if the Imoco takes a break to understand what’s going on. The fact is that the distraction is expensive, and the Vallefoglia is in advantage at Palaverde 10-11. There is no need to be afraid. The Gialloblù are the same as last year, and with the shift in Egonu’s service they restore the order of things (16-12). Wolosz picks up the pace and begins to see free spaces along the entire length of the net, enabling all of his forwards to land the ball. Vuchkova finds the trajectories against the wall, and the set takes the road to Conegliano (25-17).

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The mechanisms are not yet oiled and the pace cannot be the best one yet, the start of the partial second proves it. The Vallefoglia manages to stretch 2-5 at the start. De Gennaro puts on the superman cloak so as not to drop anything on the field, while Courtney changes shoes, and wears those of Caravello. Wolosz and Egonu do not find the right agreement, and the opposite is often forced to give up the full-arm attack, in favor of legible lobs. Santarelli on 10-13 is forced to call the timeout, to clear the ideas of his girls. When the set seems to be gone (10-15), Wolosz accelerates the dribble, Egonu finds himself with a diagonal in the three meters, and unleashes the comeback. The 9-0 run brings the panthers back forward. The instimct killer is missing, and the Vallefoglia does not let himself be prayed by bringing forward on 20-21. The panthers clench the knife between their teeth and take advantage of some youth mistakes of the newly promoted to bring home a suffered 25-23.

Conegliano wants to close soon, and returns to the taraflex after the break with the right attitude (6-3). The resistance of the guests seems to be crushed, as often happens at Palaverde after losing a struggled set. The Imoco on the contrary sits down again, except for De Gennaro who continues to fly with his red cloak. Egonu gets his pipe nailed. And it’s the draw you don’t expect. De Kruijf’s fast, a wall carom, is also put in and the Vallefoglia is revived (20-21). Santarelli stops everything and strengthens the reception with Caravello in place of Omoruyi. Egonu finds the nails of the opponent’s wall to bring the first match. But Koshereva is very brave and cancels two from the second line. Omoruyi closes it, crushing high on the hands of the opponent’s wall.

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