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Prospect of the 14th round of the Chinese Super League: Three towns and Taishan PK in the air, Guoan returns to the right track and then squeezes soft persimmons – yqqlm

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Prospect of the 14th round of the Chinese Super League: Three towns and Taishan PK in the air, Guoan returns to the right track and then squeezes soft persimmons – yqqlm

Original title: Prospect of the 14th round of the Chinese Super League: Sanzhen Taishan PK Guoan back on track and squeezed soft persimmons

From August 18th to 22nd, Beijing time, the 2022 Chinese Super League will usher in the 14th round of competition. There are also many competitions in this round of competition. The top two three towns and Taishan usher in the biggest dark horses in Meizhou and Chengdu. Challenge, will Guoan, who is back on track, meet Guangzhou City, who has been relegated, will it be a big victory?

Dalian People VS Cangzhou Lions

The Dalian natives have been postponed in the past two rounds, so they have gained valuable time to rest and adjust, which is tantamount to beneficial for the Dalian natives’ pressing style of play this season. The last round of the Dalian people dates back to the beginning of this month. They drew 1-1 with Shanghai Haigang. Although they are ranked 15th, they have two games less, and the Cangzhou Lions are only 2 points ahead of the Dalian people. If the Dalian people To win, will overtake the Cangzhou team. In contrast to Cangzhou, they also got a time adjustment for the first round. They lost 0-2 to Shandong Taishan in the last game. The strength of the two teams is close, and it depends on who can seize the opportunity to score.

Hebei Team VS Changchun Yatai

Hebei team’s recent games can be said to be appalling. First they lost 3-4 to Jinmen Tigers, and then they were defeated by Taishan team 7-0. The team’s morale has fallen to the bottom. In the standings, they were also defeated by Guangzhou City. Go-ahead, fell to the penultimate position, the relegation situation is in jeopardy. Yatai drew 2-2 in the last round of the Jinmen Tigers. With all the foreign aid, the performance this season was not good. There were 7 draws in 12 games, but this game against the demoralized Hebei team won the game. There is still a lot of hope for the game.

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Shanghai Haigang VS Zhejiang Team

Haigang defeated Shenzhen Football 2-0 in the last round and stopped the downward trend in the standings. The team’s foreign aid N’Diaye played well. If you want to win, you may have to rely on this striker. The Zhejiang team, like the Dalian people, got rest time for 2 rounds of games, so they should have an advantage over the Haigang players in terms of physical fitness, and the team has won 3 consecutive victories in the previous games. The morale is high, the Haigang team wants to relax It may not be easy to win the game. It is worth mentioning that if the Zhejiang team wins, they will overtake Haigang in the standings. As a newly-promoted horse, the performance of the Zhejiang team this season can be said to have exceeded expectations.

Wuhan Yangtze River VS Henan Songshan Longmen

The two rounds of Wuhan Yangtze River match can be described as ups and downs. First they defeated Guangzhou City 5-0, and then they were won 4-1 by Guoan. 1-2 games, so the position of the Wuhan team is not stable, and there is a possibility of falling to the bottom at any time. The Henan team did not play very well in these two rounds. They were defeated by Meizhou and Sanzhen respectively on the road. They lost 2 home advantage in vain.

Shandong Taishan VS Chengdu Rongcheng

The Taishan team finally returned to the home game, but their opponents in this round are very difficult. Against the Chengdu Rongcheng, which has won 5 consecutive victories, with the momentum of a 7-0 rout, Taishan naturally wants to win the opponent in the first home game, so as to continue to win. The three crackdowns in Wuhan put pressure on them. The good news is that there is a possibility of Sun Zhunhao’s comeback in this game, but the possibility of starting the game is unlikely, and whether Kleisang can score in 8 consecutive rounds is also a point of concern. The Chengdu team is getting better at the moment. The 5-game winning streak has also made the team rise to 6th in the standings. Foreign aid Felipe has scored consecutive goals and needs to be taken care of. In general, if the Taishan team wants to win, I am afraid that Comeback with a twelve-point effort.

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Guangzhou Team VS Shenzhen Team

The Guangzhou team was postponed in the last round of the game and got time to rest. In the previous game, they lost 1-2 to the Chengdu team. In that game, the Guangzhou team had hope of scoring points, but the result was reversed, but Zhang Xiuwei and others returned. Afterwards, the strength of the Guangzhou team has indeed improved, so the Shenzhen team cannot be taken lightly in this game. The Shenzhen Football team has not been going well. After the start of the second stage, they have lost two consecutive games. The standings has dropped to 11th place, and only scored 15 goals. The attack power is only higher than that of several teams in the relegation zone. Therefore, this game The hope for the Guangzhou team to score points in the game is still very high.

Shanghai Shenhua VS Tianjin Jinmen Tigers

Shenhua was defeated 2-0 by the Chengdu team in the last round. In addition, the main central defender Zhu Chenjie also left the field with an injury. This game against the Jinmen Tigers will definitely not be able to participate. Shenhua suffered an injury crisis again. Apart from Zhu Chenjie, Wu Xihe It is unknown when he will return, and the team’s top scorer Zhu Jianrong is also plagued by injuries. Shenhua can now be said to be short of staff. After joining the new aid Merida, Jinmen Tiger found an offensive feeling. He scored 6 goals in two games, and Merida both scored and assisted. This game must also be one of Shenhua’s key players. If Jinmen Tigers can win Shenhua, the gap between the two teams will be reduced to 1 point.

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Meizhou Hakka VS Wuhan Three Towns

Meizhou’s home game against Sanzhen is also one of the most watched games in this round. As the biggest dark horse this season, Meizhou has risen to fourth place. The 2-1 reversal of Guangzhou City in the last round also proved the team’s ability to play against the wind. Strength, the strength of the foreign aids Dugalic and Kosovic in the team is no weaker than that of the three towns’ foreign aid. Sanzhen won the third-placed Henan team 3-0 in the last round. Malkang scored again. Although Stanqiu was not in good condition, he also scored goals. Against Meizhou, it must depend on the individual abilities of Malkang, Davidson and Stanqiu. And whether Meizhou can become the first team to block the three towns, let us wait and see.

Beijing Guoan VS Guangzhou City

After the coaching change, Guoan ushered in a strong rebound in the last round of games. They defeated Wuhan Yangtze River 4-1. Zhang Yuning, Jiang Xiangyou and others played their best form this season. Although there is no hope of winning the championship, Guoan’s goal in the remaining games is to do their best Improve your team’s ranking. Guangzhou City had hope of scoring points in the last round of the game, but was reversed by Meizhou. They lost 34 goals in 13 rounds. The defense line is comparable to paper. In this round, facing Guoan, which is back on track, I am afraid it will be more fortunate and less fortunate. The goal may just be to win less than lose. (DD)Return to Sohu, see more


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