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Providence scores 59 points, Warriors perfect system to get rid of superstar dependence

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Original title: Providence scored 59 points, Warriors perfect system to get rid of superstar dependence

Beijing time on November 20th, the NBA regular season continues today, the Warriors challenged the Pistons away. In this campaign, Warriors star Curry and organization core Drummond Green were both missed due to injuries, but Poole and Wiggins were ordered to lead the Warriors 105-102 to a three-game winning streak with the Pistons.

Poole scored 32 points on 13 of 22 shots and Wiggins also contributed 27 points on 9 of 19 shots. Through this game, it is not difficult to see that the Warriors have basically established a very reasonable tactical play, even if the star is absent. , The role players can also perform their duties and well maintain the operation of the team’s overall system. Poole and Wiggins can play supporting roles beside Curry and independently lead the team, which shows the unlimited future of this team.

At the beginning of the first quarter, Poole had a fiery opening touch and scored two three-pointers in succession. Wiggins followed closely, frequently scoring mid-range points, facing the opposing center forward and defending, Wiggins was not afraid of confrontation to cause damage, even Cast with a penalty and scored 4 points. In the second half of this section, Poole once again hit a three-pointer. At the end of the first quarter, the Warriors temporarily led the Pistons by 3 points.

Entering the second quarter, seeing the opponents continue to chase points with excellent outside touch, Poole immediately took over the team’s offense after returning to the court. He continued to score layups through sharp breakthroughs and made accurate outside three-pointers. Wiggins regained the lead with a CIC. After halftime, the Warriors led the Pistons 56-51.

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After another fight on the opposite side, Poole’s outside shooting fell slightly. Wiggins stepped forward decisively. He hit three-pointers in succession, and then completed steals and quick breaks and dunks, leading the Warriors to open the point difference to two. number. At the end of the quarter, the Warriors strengthened their impact on the opponent’s inside line. Poole and Wiggins went to the free throw line to score points. At the end of the three quarters, the Warriors have led their opponents by as much as 16 points.

Entering the final quarter, the excellent performance of the Pistons bench players helped them reduce the point difference to only 6 points, and Poole and Wiggins hurriedly returned to the court to take over the game. First, Wiggins scored 4 points with penalty shots and slightly stopped the bleeding, and then Poole continued to hit the inside line to succeed. In the end, the Warriors relied on their tough defense to withstand the opponent’s stubborn counterattack at the last moment, and achieved a victory without any risk. (Jeremyliu)Return to Sohu to see more


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