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PS5, crisis over? Surprisingly good availability for Christmas

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PS5, crisis over?  Surprisingly good availability for Christmas

Finally, good news is coming for players interested in PS5: the availability of the console is about to improve very soon.

PS5 remains a mysterious object on the global gaming scene, with very few units placed on the market with a dropper. There are several reasons why the console still remains so difficult to find today, starting from the pandemic to the semiconductor crisis and inflation, which cost it an increase of 50 euros. However, the emergency could actually be nearing an end, two years after the original release of the next-gen platform.

“Surprisingly good” September –

This was reported by Christopher Dring, an English market analyst and head of GamesIndustry.biz, a well-known business portal in the sector. On social media, Dring pointed out that in September sales went particularly well, thanks to an unexpected availability of PlayStation 5, and that the situation is destined to improve a lot around Christmas. “According to my retail sources, PS5 availability around the world during September was ‘surprisingly good’,” the analyst explained.

More PS5 for Christmas –

As added da Dring, “A source told me it’s been the best in over a year now.” The situation is improving, in particular, with regard to the availability of the components at the base of the console, we do not know if necessarily in correlation to the new models that have been confirmed in recent months. “I’m hearing good things about components and availability for all consoles. It won’t be long before you have full supplies. I expect a great Christmas, ”he added. Could this really be the end of the shortage of consoles (Xbox Series X included) that has plagued gaming in recent years?

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