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PSG locker room split alert! Mbappe and Neymar clash over penalties | Goal.com China

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PSG locker room split alert! Mbappe and Neymar clash over penalties | Goal.com China

After a penalty dispute, the atmosphere of the dressing room in Paris has gradually changed.

In the Ligue 1 league last weekend, the farce between the two PSG stars, Mbappe and Neymar, for the right to take penalties intensified. GOAL’s source revealed that the relationship between the two has turned cold, which may threaten the atmosphere of PSG’s entire dressing room.

This summer, Mbappe missed his contract with Real Madrid and renewed his contract with Paris Saint-Germain, but the good atmosphere of staying in the team was broken. The source also revealed that Mbappe is not satisfied that his reputation with the team has not improved significantly. On the contrary, Neymar’s influence in PSG has gradually expanded, including Messi, Ramos and others, who have sided with the Brazilian, which made Mbappe even more uncomfortable and did not obtain the team’s locker room leadership that the club promised.

If this situation continues, it is likely to threaten the record of new coach Galti, and the goal of winning the Champions League will be further and further away.

Why is Mbappe upset?

GOAL sources revealed that Mbappe felt that his status and role in the locker room did not match the respect he received. He believes that the influence of the Brazilian star Neymar is too great.

In fact, Neymar was about to leave Paris Saint-Germain for a time this summer, but he finally clarified himself, hoping to stay in the team and re-enter the battle. In the first two Ligue 1 games, Neymar scored 3 goals and provided 3 assists. His hard work in training is said to have inspired his teammates.

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Mbappe had previously regarded Neymar as a firm friend, but that feeling has completely disappeared.

Mbappe’s controversial performance against Montpellier

Mbappe was widely criticised for two outrageous performances in his side’s 5-2 win over Montpellier.

One is the penalty dispute with Neymar. In that game, Mbappe and Neymar disagreed on the penalty kick, and the Frenchman also missed a penalty. The second is to give up the attack in the counterattack. Mbappe seemed to give up running and complained on a counter-attack because he didn’t receive a pass from his teammate, while Paris Saint-Germain’s attack continued and was likely to be a threat.

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The above situation was seen by his teammates, while coach Galti supported Mbappe after the game.

“For Mbappe, compared to his teammates, the physical condition is a little bit worse, and it does make him feel a little disappointed.”

In addition, the team veteran Verratti commented, “On penalties, he is not in good shape, which is normal. He is a great player and he wants to make a difference. He is still angry now, which means he cares. this team.”

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