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Pulici’s Bull heart reveals a secret to the Bianconeri: “They will challenge a team that often falls in the final”

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Travel expenses and hospitality guaranteed in Canada, where one of the overseas “Toro Clubs” has just invited him for a week. Perhaps this detail may be enough to give an idea of ​​what Paolo Pulici still represents for the grenade fans. Simply a myth, an icon that also came to Udinese in 1982, undressing the black and white jersey after just one season and five goals scored. Today “Puliciclone” is 71 years old, he enjoys life with his family and when he walks around Turin he is still entertained by those who rejoiced for the 134 goals scored in the 335 games played with Toro.

Pulici, will Turin-Udinese look on Monday?

«Yes, and I hope that the two teams will entertain us, because our football is not very funny, and perhaps also because the players are no longer in contact with the fans, with whom we should always confront. In my day, when the game was over I would walk home, living one kilometer from the stadium, and do you know what was going on? ».

You are welcome…

«I was commenting on the match just played with the fans, walking with them. They scolded me when I missed goals and then I committed myself and promised them the goal with a lot of dedication. Just to remember how distant we are from that reality ».

Even Torino, the proverbial heart of a granata, hasn’t seemed the same for a few years to this part …

«Several considerations in this regard. The first is that there is a president like Cairo who wants to be the master of decision makers, above everything and everyone, and the second relates to a team to which Juric is now trying to restore strength and character ».

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In your opinion, are you still not succeeding?

“No, because Juric the Taurus character has understood it, and you just have to see the aggressiveness with which he makes the team play, but I think he is not fully listened to because this team holds up an hour and a little more, falls in the finals and often takes goals that then nullify all the work done by the coach ».

Belotti is disappointing …

«He had a wonderful year, but then he almost disappeared, and there are those who claim that he is not up to par. This is the The voice of the people, but one would have to be inside to understand. I limit myself to noting that I no longer see the training sessions I used to be, both in terms of duration and in exercises ».


«The crosses for the attackers are hard to see, just as the shots on goal are often inaccurate. My luck was to meet the great Oberdan Ussello, in my time coach and head of the youth sector of Turin. One day he told me that if an attacker does not see the ball and carries it at the same time, forming a visual triangle, then he is not an attacker. If you have visual control of goal and ball you can anticipate goalkeeper and defenders, but today I see many forwards waiting with their back to goal ».

Udinese has just found one, Beto.

“I saw him in the videos and for the way he scores it seems to me that he has the goal inside and he feels it in advance”.

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We have come to talk about Friuli. What is your earliest memory in Juventus?

«A certain Luciano Moggi told me I was old and the then president Pianelli sold everything except my card, because I had given it to him. I was training alone and a Toro masseur told me that at Udinese Virdis was injured, wondering if I would like to take his place. It all started from there ».

And once in Udine, Baron Franco Causio is back, with whom you were opponents in the derby of the Mole.

“He gave me a great welcome, but I’ll tell you more. In Turin we gave it all on the pitch, but then if we met at the restaurant we all ended up eating together ».

I tifosi from Friuli still remember his two header goals for a win in Florence …

“Two perfect crosses, one from Causio, and then perhaps not everyone knows that on our return we stopped to eat in Padua, and when we got back on the bus few were sober”.

Pulici, all that remains is the last flash on the national team?

«We are not just missing a center forward. If Bonucci and Chiellini are still playing at retirement age, it means that something is wrong ». –

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