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Pursuing the style of communication and control has entered a healthy development-Sports-中工网

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Pursuing the style of communication and control has entered a healthy development-Sports-中工网

Original title: Jinmen Tigers 2022 Chinese Super League Series Inventory IV (Quotation)

Pursue the style of transmission and control and step into healthy development (theme)

Shen Wei, reporter from Haihe Media Center

In the 2022 Chinese Super League, the Tianjin Jinmen Tigers have gradually transformed from a team that can only defend and counterattack to a team that pursues skills and pass control style. From the perspective of tactical style, although there are still many shortcomings, the aggressiveness of the Jinmen Tigers is still commendable.

At the beginning of 2022, when looking forward to the goals of the Chinese Super League for the new season, the coaching staff of the Jinmen Tigers proposed that in addition to breakthroughs in performance, they also hope that the game can be played better. From the beginning of the preparation period, the Jinmen Tigers encouraged the players to stick to the pass and control style. The whole team spent a lot of time training for this, and received good results.

Tactical transformation means that players have to give up their previous thinking about playing football and start to implement new requirements. After the start of the season, the Jinmen Tigers started four games without a win, and the pressure was extremely high. Despite this, the coaching staff did not adjust the technical and tactical deployment, and the whole team survived this difficult time with a unified mind. Subsequently, the Jinmen Tigers played a wave of three consecutive victories. The most important thing is to find the core player in the midfield-foreign aid Rosa.

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Rosa’s ball possession and dribbling in the midfield are his greatest advantages. He has absolute ball possession and unlimited firepower in the Jinmen Tigers. During this period, the results of the Jinmen Tigers picked up, but there are still problems with the team’s tactics, that is, this style of play is easily restricted by the opponent. Once Rosa loses vitality, the team’s offense is basically not too big threatened.

In order to change this situation, the Jinmen Tigers decisively introduced foreign aid Merida during the second transfer period. After the arrival of the former Espanyol midfielder, the team gradually began to adopt a pass-and-control style. Merida performed amazingly in the first few games on behalf of the Jinmen Tigers. His midfield control advantage and footwork for taking set kicks injected vitality into the team.

It is worth noting that after the arrival of Merida, Rosa’s role has been reduced, because his possession time has been compressed. This also means that the Jinmen Tigers have adjusted their tactics again, and the core midfielder has changed from Rosa to Merida. It was a huge risk for the Jinmen Tigers to make a tactical transformation during the Chinese Super League, but the coaching staff withstood the pressure, and the team played a wave of high-profile performances with six wins and two draws in the final stage of the season.

The reason why the Jinmen Tigers trust Merida is because after his arrival, the players who played have improved to a great extent. The running distance of the players is among the best in the Super League, all of which are benign changes brought about by the tactical style.

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