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Qatar 2022, Argentina, Scaloni: “Dybala risks, I could change the squad list”

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Qatar 2022, Argentina, Scaloni: “Dybala risks, I could change the squad list”

After the friendly against the United Arab Emirates, the coach talks about four players who are not yet at their best and haven’t played as a precaution. He doesn’t name names but the Romanist is among them

Cristian Romero, Nico González, Papu Gómez, but above all Paulo Dybala. These are the four players who did not take part in Argentina’s friendly match against the United Arab Emirates but who paradoxically are causing the most discussion. More than Di Maria’s splendid brace, more than Messi’s goal, more than Correa’s 5-0 final. The reason? Scaloni’s words after the match.


“The four who stayed out? I decided not to risk them, even if we could have done it. But as a precaution I didn’t. We have some small problems, but there are still days to confirm the list”. Six days before the Albiceleste’s world debut against Saudi Arabia, the words of coach a Tyc Sports they sounded like alarm bells. The only footballer mentioned by Scaloni is “Cuti” (Romero ed), only hypotheses can be made on the other three but all the clues lead to Dybala, Nico González and Papu Gómez. “Do they risk being cut? To be honest, I can’t guarantee 100% that there won’t be any – Scaloni’s answer -. I hope I don’t have to make any changes due to bad luck, but I can’t rule it out. However, I’m not a magician and I repeat that the four left out today were excluded as a precaution”. Then that final clarification which, instead of reassuring, casts even more doubts on what will be the definitive list of the 26 who will take part in the World Championship in Qatar: “We have time (until the day before the debut, ed.) to make changes, but we hope not to have to do it”.

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