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Qatar World Cup|Portugal beat Uruguay 2-0 to qualify for the group

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Qatar World Cup|Portugal beat Uruguay 2-0 to qualify for the group

Original title: Qatar World Cup|Portugal beat Uruguay 2-0 to advance to the group stage

Xinhua News Agency, Doha, November 28 (Reporters Zheng Xin and Liu Yang) The Portuguese team led by Ronaldo (C Ronaldo) defeated Uruguay 2-0 in a World Cup H match in Qatar that ended on the evening of the 28th. Two consecutive victories to advance to the group stage.

On November 28, Portuguese player Bruno Fernandez (front) celebrated after scoring a penalty kick.Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Han Yan

The Portuguese team, which narrowly beat Ghana in the last round, used 39-year-old central defender Pepe to replace the injured Pereira. Captain Ronaldo still partnered with Felix as the striker. The Uruguayan team, which continued to insist on three forwards, removed the 35-year-old Suarez and selected Cavani to start.

With only 1 point in hand, the Uruguayan team, which had to use victory to regain the initiative to qualify for the group stage, adopted an aggressive posture from the beginning. In the second minute, Ernesto Valverde’s shot from behind stunned the opponent’s goalkeeper Costa into a cold sweat. Then the game entered a tug of war. In the 33rd minute, Bentancur of the Uruguayan team passed two defenders and was rejected with a single-handed shot, missing a good opportunity to score.

After changing sides to fight again, the Portuguese’s desire to attack suddenly awakened. First, in the 54th minute, Felix’s strong shot in the penalty area was slightly wide. Afterwards, Fernandez kicked the ball from the ribs on the left, and Ronaldo flew in front of the goal, causing the disturbed Uruguayan goalkeeper Lochte to watch the ball fly into the net. After slow-motion playback, the Portuguese captain did not touch the ball, and the goal was counted on Fernandez.

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In stoppage time, the Uruguayan defensive player fell to the ground in the penalty area and blocked Fernandez’s dribbling line with his hands. After confirmation by the video assistant referee (VAR), the referee awarded a penalty kick. In the 93rd minute, Fernandez made a steady penalty and made the game completely lose suspense.

In the final round of the group stage, Portugal will face South Korea and Uruguay will face Ghana.

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