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Qatar World Cup 2022: 10 big moments so far | World Cup Qatar 2022 | Al Jazeera

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Qatar World Cup 2022: 10 big moments so far | World Cup Qatar 2022 | Al Jazeera

The 2022 World Cup in Qatar is now in the semi-finals: Argentina, France, Croatia or Morocco will win the football prize at the Lusail Stadium on Sunday.

However, the 2022 World Cup has already provided many important moments that are unlikely to be forgotten.

Iranian players refuse to sing national anthem

Iran made a bold move in their first game against England when the players came out to sing the national anthem before the match, but the Iranian team refused to sing the national anthem as a gesture of support for the team in Iran Protests have erupted across Iran following the death of 22-year-old Masha Amini in the custody of the morality police.

The silence of the players speaks for itself and adds to the pressure on the Iranian government, which suspended the ethics police last week.

Saudi Arabia beats Argentina

Argentina’s World Cup journey has been so full of drama that it’s easy to forget that it all started with a 2-1 loss to Saudi Arabia in their opening match.

The second-to-last team in the competition staged an incredible comeback after scoring twice in the space of five minutes in the second half, a result that shook the football world, with Saudi Arabia losing their next two group games It doesn’t matter, it’s not just a victory for the national team, it’s a victory for the country.

german player covering mouth

The captains of England, Wales, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Denmark decided to wear the “One Love” armband in their first group game, a symbolic gesture against discrimination, but FIFA banned the captains from wearing it armband and threatened sanctions against any captain’s team for wearing it on the pitch.

In order to protest the restrictions on freedom of speech, when the German national team took a group photo before the game, all the players raised their right hands to cover their mouths at the same time.

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Germany’s players pose for a photo ahead of their World Cup opener against Japan (Reuters)

Messi’s goal against Mexico

Emiliano Martinez, who scored a fine penalty shoot-out against the Netherlands to help Argentina to victory in the final, has said that since then, after losing the opening game to Saudi Arabia, Martinez has said Each game resembled a final, the first of which was against Mexico, a defeat that would send Argentina home.

That game pressure was ignited in the second half by Messi’s left foot, a stunning shot from outside the box into the corner and, in hindsight, where their World Cup really began.

Brazil vs South Korea match

Of course, it wasn’t a moment – it was 45 minutes, but it was a flash of brilliance that would eventually pass prematurely, with Brazil leading 4-0 at half-time in the round of 16, not just South Korea The defense, and the wider football world, danced to the samba beat for what Brazil have historically been known for: quick attacks, sharp movements and flair.

Their event may have ended in tears, but in those few minutes the Brazilians were brilliant and looked beautiful.

Neymar (right) celebrates with teammates Vinicius Jr., Rafinha and Lucas Paqueta after scoring Brazil’s second goal against South Korea (Reuters)

Walter Verhorst’s Moment of Genius

Woerter Verhorst’s stoppage-time 11th-minute goal brought the Netherlands back from the brink of defeating Argentina in the quarter-finals and will go down as one of the greatest World Cup moments of all time, fast The skill and awareness of free-kicks amazed Argentine defenders and millions around the world, and the timing and weight of goals aside, Verhorst was a Burnley striker whose style of play made him a The fact that it was scorned by the public only intensified the skepticism of the time.

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Verhorst also scored early, and it was his second free-kick of the game, and he still couldn’t save a Dutch team that lost on penalties, making Verhorst’s genius even more like An underdog story that gets passed down.

Croatia’s “ageless soldier”

They beat Japan on penalties in the round of 16, then kept their cool on Friday against highly-favoured Brazil to secure a place in the last four and continue their stunning saga.

Consider this statistic: In Croatia’s six World Cups, they have reached the semi-finals three times, and reaching the final in 2018 is considered the pinnacle of the team. This time around, their dull, lumbering performances in previous games did little to allay concerns about the age and speed of the Croatian players, and what they lacked in agility they made up for in ability and experience.

Interestingly, they haven’t won a knockout game in 90 minutes since 2018, Croatia have mastered the art of smashing and stealing the ball, Messi and the Argentine side – who will play Croatia next – — will not make the mistake of underestimating them.

Croatia beat Brazil on penalties in quarterfinals (Al Jazeera)

Fantastic Tour of Morocco

It was the epitome of Morocco’s unprecedented achievement when they held coach Walid Regraj aloft to celebrate their quarter-final victory over Portugal.

In every World Cup, there will be a team that surpasses its own strength and beats the odds and opponents. In 2010 it was Ghana, in 2014 it was Costa Rica, in 2018 it was Croatia, and this time it was Morocco who took over the mantle and made history by becoming the first African country to reach the semi-finals.

The destination was as incredible as the journey they took to get there, as they topped their group with Croatia and Belgium, knocked out Spain on penalties in the round of 16, and then knocked out Portugal in the quarter-finals , Although they encountered a strong opponent, the “Atlas Lions” only conceded the goal once in the tournament.

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In the process, the Moroccan side inspired not only their country, but the Arab world, Africa and the wider global south, becoming favorites among neutral nations whose fans were the most colorful and distinguished throughout the World Cup, But what is their secret weapon? Families of the players accompanying the teams — especially their mothers — kissed them and wished them luck, and even danced with them on the court.

Ronaldo came off the bench

You have to read the squad list a few more times to make sure his name isn’t skipped, Cristiano Ronaldo’s elimination from Portugal’s round of 16 against Switzerland came as a shock. Coach Fernando Santos had expressed his displeasure at Ronaldo’s reaction to being substituted against South Korea in a news conference the previous day, and declined to confirm whether he would get the armband.

While it feels unlikely that Ronaldo will be captain, it’s unlikely he’ll even be dropped entirely, and in his Ronaldo absence Portugal looked young, wild, free and won 6-1, with his successor The fact that Gonzalo Ramos scored a hat-trick furthered the story.

stoppage time

A staggering 563 minutes of stoppage time in this World Cup group stage, adding 27 minutes to the regular 90 minutes in England’s group stage with Iran, all of which was deliberately decided by FIFA to be longer than ever before. Both more strictly increase the result of all suspension time.

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