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Qatar World Cup | Brazil beat South Korea 4:1 to advance to the quarterfinals

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Qatar World Cup | Brazil beat South Korea 4:1 to advance to the quarterfinals

Original title: Qatar World Cup | Brazil beat South Korea 4:1 to advance to the quarterfinals

This is a game that lost its suspense early. Every time a goal is scored, a dance is changed. The Brazilian team danced four times in the first 40 minutes, turning the 974 stadium into a big stage for samba.

In the quarter-finals of the World Cup in Qatar on the 5th, the Brazilian team blossomed and easily defeated the South Korean team 4:1 to advance to the quarter-finals.

Without any probing, Brazil went on the offensive from the start. In the 7th minute, Rafinha broke through from the right and passed the ball from the bottom. Vinicius caught the ball in the penalty area and shot from the far corner. This was also the 22-year-old Vinicius’ first goal in the World Cup.

Just 6 minutes later, Zheng Yourong fouled Richarlison in the penalty area, and the referee awarded a penalty kick. Neymar, the core of the Brazilian team, who missed two group games, returned from injury. He made it overnight and scored his first goal in this World Cup. Brazil led 2:0.

Brazil’s tidal offensive continues. In the 29th minute, Richarlison dribbled the ball and scored the ball. The two central defenders of the Brazilian team, Marquinhos and Thiago Silva, made a continuous pass in front of the penalty area of ​​the South Korean team. Richarlison Easy push to score.

With a big score behind, the South Korean team can only press up, which leaves more space for the Brazilian team. In the 36th minute, the Brazilian team quickly counterattacked. Vinicius picked a pass from the left side of the penalty area with his instep. Paqueta scored behind and scored, and the score became 4:0.

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In the second half, the Brazilian players played more relaxedly, passing the ball with their heels, picking the ball over others, and riding bicycles. They showed pleasing Samba football on the field. If Rafinha hadn’t wasted several good opportunities one after another, the score would have continued to expand. In the whole game, the Brazilian team had a total of 18 shots and 10 shots on target.

The South Korean team is also gradually gaining opportunities. Sun Xingmin’s single-handed goal in the 47th minute and Huang Xican’s volley in the 68th minute were very close to scoring, but they were finally resolved by the Brazilian goalkeeper Alisson. Until the 76th minute, Bai Shenghao scored a long-range shot from outside the penalty area, and the South Korean team finally scored a goal to save face.

In the 80th minute, Tite replaced Alisson with the team’s third goalkeeper Weaverton. So far, all 26 players of the Brazilian team have played in this World Cup.

After the game, all Brazilian players gathered together and held up a portrait of Pele in solidarity with the “Old Ball King” who was fighting against illness. They will continue to attack the sixth championship trophy with Pele’s wishes.

In the quarterfinals, Brazil will face Croatia. (Xiao Shiyao, Wang Haoyu, Zhao Jiantong)

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