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Qatar World Cup countdown to the first anniversary, netizens: national football don’t think about this time_Sina News

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Original title: Qatar World Cup countdown to the first anniversary. Netizens: The national football team will start preparing for the 2026 World Cup…

Yesterday (November 21) was the first anniversary of the countdown to the World Cup in Qatar. At present, 13 teams, including the host Qatar, have locked in qualifying, and the remaining 19 places are waiting to be vacant.

However, this World Cup held in Asia may not have a seat belonging to the national football team. Before the World Preliminary Round 12 in Asia against the Australian team,According to the forecast of relevant foreign data websites, the Chinese team still has 0.08% hope of qualifying, and after a 1-1 draw with the opponent, this data directly dropped to 0%.No wonder netizens said, “Don’t think about this time for the national football team. Let’s start preparing for the 2026 World Cup in advance…”

  There is no limit on the number of spectators at the Qatar World Cup

On the evening of the 21st, the countdown clock for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar was unveiled at the fishing pier on the Doha Corniche in the capital, officially announcing that the 2022 World Cup has entered the first anniversary of the countdown.

  The 2022 Football World Cup will be held in Qatar from November 21 to December 18, 2022.This is the first time that a country in the Middle East has hosted the World Cup. In an interview in Doha recently, Fatima Alnuaimi, director of the marketing and communications department of the Qatar World Cup Organizing Committee, said that due to the widespread use of new crown vaccination, there will be no upper limit on the number of spectators.

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Alnu Aimi emphasized that Qatar held about 70 matches of the AFC Champions League during the epidemic last year, and this year it will also host the Club World Cup. She said that the World Cup final stadium with a capacity of 80,000 people will soon be completed, and the preparations are very smooth.

The current 13 teams that have advanced are (from morning to evening according to the qualifying date):

Qatar (host), Germany, Denmark, Brazil, France, Belgium, Croatia, Spain, Serbia, England, Switzerland, Netherlands, Argentina.

  The next World Cup will expand to 48 seats

The national football team currently has 6 rounds with 1 win, 2 draws, 3 losses and 5 points, ranking fifth in Group B. If the next game against the Japanese team cannot be won, they will basically be out. The only former national football coach Milu who led the national football to the World Cup finals said in an interview, “Seriously, I feel that the Chinese team is likely to miss the 2022 World Cup. Unfortunately, I like the Chinese team. The Chinese are full of enthusiasm, so I feel uncomfortable to see that China cannot return to the World Cup.”

It is worth mentioning that in the first match of the top 12 national football matches, the Australian team’s “home field” against the Chinese team on September 2 was the Khalifa International Stadium in Doha. The national football team and the Australian team were also the first two teams to compete in the World Cup stadium. As a result, the national football team lost to their opponents 0-3. At present, the situation of the two teams qualifying is not optimistic. The Australian team ranks third in Group B and the national football ranks fifth in Group B.

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The Qatar World Cup is also the last time in history that 32 teams participated in the World Cup. Starting from the United States-Mexico World Cup in 2026, the army will be expanded to 48 teams, and Asia will also have 8.5 places. Sports commentator Huang Jianxiang also stated on his personal Weibo, “The 2026 World Cup has 8.5 places in Asia. It’s a matter of whether the Chinese team will qualify.” However, think about how big the national football team is even if there are 8.5 places in Asia. Hold it?

According to the top 12 matches, the national football team ranked 5th in Group B after 6 rounds, 2 points away from the fourth-placed Oman team. Even with the current rankings, the national football team has to compete for half of the spot with the current 5th Iraqi team in Group A, how likely is it that the national football team will be able to defeat the opponent?

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