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Quincitava without limits The seventh win to stay on top

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Quincitava without limits The seventh win to stay on top


The only Canavese training militant in Promotion to have won in the eleventh first leg, Quincitava with the clear and convincing 4-0 over the unfortunate Aosta Valley Charvensod are placed in third place in the standings, in the middle of the playoff area, ahead of all the others canavesane: Rivarolesee and Ivrea are in the big group of the fourth, however fighting for a place in the playoffs, Colleretto ninth and Vallorco tenth. The last two, newly promoted, are currently out of the playout area.

Quincitava was a very good moment, which however is lived with the lights off, as the president of the club, Luca Serra also explains: «We are doing very well – explains Serra – but we have to keep our feet on the ground and think that we are at the first turning point of what is our seasonal goal, salvation. We have 21 points, the quota to stay in the promotion again next year is forty points, which we want to do as soon as possible, to avoid nasty surprises at the end of the season. It’s nice to be so high up in the standings, but we shouldn’t kid ourselves. This season we were also first, but we have never let ourselves be distracted by this position. In the next four games, which close the first round, we will have very difficult matches with Lesna Gold, Lascaris, Druentina and Valsusa, but at the moment the victory the most beautiful is that of having brought many young people from our youth sector to the first team, such as Thiebat, Perino, Mattioli, Amir Ferrari, Giglio Tos and Maurizio Scala, with also Vergano who is finding more and more continuity. We must remain united and calm, continue to work as we are doing, thanks to a prepared coach like Marco Vernetti, in his second year as coach».

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Among the Canavese players, Quincitava is the one who scores the most, together with Colleretto (19 goals), and is the only formation in the group that doesn’t know half measures: zero draws in eleven rounds, with seven wins and four defeats. loris ponsetto

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