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Racist insults, 0-3 at the table to the team that left the field

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San Michele Salsa defeated and one day to Russo, expelled for reacting to the offense against comrade Diedhiou. And the joke: the captain also punished

TREVISO. The expected verdict has arrived. On Cisonese-San Michele Salsa it was the sports judge who put an end to it. The racist insults in Diedhiou? Unpunished. And stinged on the vittoriesi.

Thus reads the press release from the Veneto FIGC: “The referee reports that at the 25th of the first half, due to a racist insult by an isolated supporter against a black player from the San Michele Salsa club, Sansoni Miki communicated and confirmed in writing that the team would not continue in the competition. The DdG has officially communicated the suspension of the match to the team captains ”.

Although the author of the scream is known, “The affiliation of the person who pronounced the insult to any of the supporters has not been identified, so the sanction provided for by article 28 paragraph 4 would not even be applied abstractly. CGS to one of the participating clubs, not being allowed to draw inferences based on the membership of the player, victim of the insult, being able to censor, with more or less acceptable behavior, even the behavior of his “own” player.

Furthermore, “For the reasons set out, in the face of an equivocal and episodically limited behavior, it is not possible to recognize in the behavior of the captain of San Michele Salsa a cause of justification for the refusal to continue in the competition, not even in terms of reasons of particular value moral and social. In fact, paragraph 1 of art. 28 CGS in the sense that the insult, in order to be discriminatory, must be connoted to be motivated by discriminatory intentionality for some of the aspects indicated by the law. An element that cannot be recognized when the behavior, however objectively unpleasant, is put in place only to identify the targeted subject “.

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Then the joke: “For these same considerations, Captain Sansoni Miki cannot go exempt from censorship, since he decided not to continue in the competition in the absence of the aspects of gravity outlined by the rule referred to several times. In truth, the right to interrupt the competition only when, as a result of behaviors – on and off the pitch – provided for by Article 28 CGS, a situation of turbulence is created that would interfere with the regular course of the game “.

Result: 3-0 at the table for Cisonese, one day of disqualification for Miki Sanson (just for taking the team away) and another round for Marco Russo, expelled for having addressed the “fan” in question from the field, giving him some ‘ignorant.

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