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Rafinha: Salah is one of my inspirations

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Original title: Rafinha: Salah is one of my inspirations to play I think Leeds United can avoid relegation

Rafinha: Salah is one of my inspirations

Live it, April 30. After joining Leeds United from Rennes in 2020, Rafinha has gradually grown into one of the best wingers in the Premier League, which has attracted the attention of many giants. In an interview with Talksport, the Brazilian talked about his idol and his future.

Rafinha said: “As you play more games, you play a lot of players on the field, you really appreciate the way some players play and get the motivation to be like him. I would say Salah He is one of them, and there are other players. The most important thing is that I will give my all to make myself a better player today than yesterday or the day before yesterday. In such a situation, both personally and as a ball On a team level, we can all achieve better results.”

“I like to score goals and give assists, but if the goals and assists lead to a good result for the team and a rise in the league, I’m happier. Obviously I’m good on an individual level, but the team as a whole is not. No. But we have been fighting hard and I hope my goals and assists will bring the team to victory.”

“I think we can see some positives from this season regardless of where we are in the Premier League. We are not relegated. It is true that we are not in a good position in the league, but we are not relegated yet. We are in A situation where we can’t make it to Europe or the top 10, but we can harvest some positive energy and finish the season in the best possible way.”

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“Jesse Marsh (Leeds United manager) has given us renewed faith, which has been a huge help because he doesn’t criticize us, he keeps encouraging us to get out of where we are. We just have to give The manager has some time, so he can adapt to the club and the players can adapt to him. We just need to focus on our goals, work the way we have always done, and I think we can stay in the Premier League.”

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