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Ramondino: “Top-level match, proud to have played it on par”

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Ramondino: “Top-level match, proud to have played it on par”

Marco Ramondino expressed himself thus at the press conference at the end of the contest: “Congratulations to Virtus, it was a tough and intense match with a very high level of adjustments even on small things. Top-level match, I’m proud to have played it evenly. Even in this game, albeit with less time, Virtus’ ability to punish our mistakes was surgical. After an excellent first half, Virtus changed defence, this broke our offensive rhythm and this also affected defensively. I am personally happy with this season, an extraordinary and hard journey. I had the privilege of coaching this team, of making exciting journeys with an arrow always pointing upwards. The goal is to raise the bar”.

Shortly after, the president Marco Picchi also spoke about this long season: “Last year we closed the season in the same way. In recent days I had asked myself in Bologna if it would be the same thing and it happened like this. A full arena that applauded a team that lost against a team of champions. Seeing the audience standing is confirmation of how this team makes all our people proud. Tonight’s first half also demonstrates how a well-trained group is made up of players who have something inside.”

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