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Ranocchia: “Inter, the group is strong and I’m calm. Inzaghi and the Scudetto … “

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Ranocchia: “Inter, the group is strong and I’m calm.  Inzaghi and the Scudetto … “

To everything Andrea Ranocchia. The former Inter defender talked about himself at the IBC in Lissone between past, present and future

Alessandro Cosattini

To everything Andrea Frog. The former Inter defender talked about himself at the IBC in Lissone between past, present and future.

Andrea, about a month and a half after retirement, how are you? haven’t you changed your mind?

Nono, I’m fine! (Laughs), Now I’m resting and enjoying my family in Assisi, it’s nice to stay at home for a while and be able to experience family and friends. Then we will see whether to return to the world in football and possibly with what role. I would like to open a football school to work with young people. When I have clearer ideas and understand what I want to do, I’ll start over!

Let’s talk a little about the day you decided to quit …

I had already decided for some time, but many were asking me what was happening, so I decided to bring out everything I had inside and I explained the reasons for my choice and what I had experienced. It seemed correct to those who followed me and cheered for me, it was right that everyone knew my point of view.

I miss the dressing room, I miss living the group during the week and then the day before the game. I miss the tension of the match to share with my teammates and then the post-match emotions. The locker room is a special place, where friendships are born, you work to reach your goal, you struggle and rejoice together.

Of course! Against Inter at San Siro, I played for Bari and was paired with Leo Bonucci. Among other things, that was Inter who would then win the treble. I remember the great emotion and satisfaction for the debut and the result, 1-1, but I have both quite clear and very accelerated memories because I was really excited. It was a wonderful match, I will carry that day with me forever.

Tell us about a high day that you remember with special affection!

The last one at San Siro with the Inter shirt: the greeting of the fans has repaid me for all the efforts made. I was part of a very strong club for many years, I was also a captain and it was an indescribable pride, with the responsibility, the emotions and the difficulties involved in wearing the captain’s armband of a team like the neroazzurra one. I have been good and lucky to always earn the trust of the club, teammates and coaches, I have always tried to help the team in every way and this the fans have appreciated. And then I would also add the Scudetto party …

The party came at the end of a long journey, with difficult moments. When we managed to win the Scudetto it was a liberation, after having searched and chased it for many years. At a football level, I think it was the best moment of my life. Unfortunately we could not celebrate it immediately on the pitch because we won the day after our match, when Atalanta did not manage to win theirs, but it was also fantastic to have a party among us with all the teammates, before doing it with the team. our people.

Yes, I think it’s the real surprise of the championship, few expected it to go so fast, maybe just Luciano (laughs). They are doing very well, they have a very high level of play, they are having fun and having fun. I am very happy for the coach because we have a special relationship, he has always been fantastic with me. He is making Napoli a great team.

The championship, however, is very special this season with the World Cup in the middle … What do you expect?

Who can say … The season is still very long and anything can happen because, in fact, two different championships are played and you have to make two preparations. We will have to be very careful both physically and mentally, because the season now seems almost over and instead we are not even halfway through. And then it will be necessary to manage who goes to the World Cup because the players who go to Qatar, on the other hand, will never stop, if not for a few days.

Here, just after the restart, on 7 January there will be Monza-Inter. These are your latest teams, have you already imagined what emotions you will feel?

I hope it’s a good match, between two clubs that have given me so much. I spent 11 years at Inter and, as I said, I experienced incredible moments, in Monza they made me feel immediately at home and after the injury and the decision to quit they were very close to me. I attended them for a short time but I hope with all my heart that they will be saved and that they will build an important future. Inter is the team of my heart, I will enjoy this match.

Yes, I was very sorry, I heard him and I wish him my good luck. I guess he has received many messages, as happened to me. I hope he will be back soon, even if it is not an easy injury to put behind him. But he is young and very good and still has many years of career ahead!

And your Inter, how is it?

They’ve been through a tough time and are now recovering. I know the football and human qualities of the boys and the coach, I hope they can win trophies at the end of the year, I am their main fan and I am calm: the group is strong. It is true that Napoli are far away, but in such a strange league everything is open. They will fight together with Juve and Milan, all teams with an important DNA, all die hard.

Is there a player you particularly like? A little Frog in which you see yourself again?

Of course! my ex partner Filippo Ranocchia, the surname is a guarantee! (laughs)

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