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Re-assessment of the “Ice Ribbon” Winter Olympics Test Competition “Every test is an exam”

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Source Title: Re-assessment of “Ice Ribbon” Winter Olympics Test Competition “Every test is an exam”

News from our newspaper (Reporter Zhu Songmei, Correspondent Cui Yang) On October 10, the first international test match of the Beijing Winter Olympics came to an end at the “Ice Ribbon”. The guarantee team focuses on competition venues and reception hotels, and spares no effort to ensure clothing, food, housing, transportation, epidemic prevention and killing, training competitions, etc., “Every test competition and test activity is an exam for us.” The Olympic Park Management Committee is large. Ding Jun, director of the activities department, said.

At present, through the review and evaluation, the Chaoyang District Operational Guarantee Headquarters of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympic Games have sorted out 24 issues related to epidemic prevention, catering, accommodation, transportation and daily security in the competition venues and reception hotels. And have all been resolved. Ding Jun said that it is necessary to test the operation of the competition venues and the reception hotel through the test competition, run in the work team, explore the working rules, and improve the level of service guarantee.

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During the test event, the caring service made the athletes feel warm. The staff will add cheese, butter, honey, jam and other foods to the catering as needed. In case of continuous rain, they also equipped the reception hotel with dryers. The Operation Support Headquarters has formulated four sub-programs for epidemic prevention and control, health supervision, medical security, and emergency response to public health emergencies.

“In this test match, the venues and reception hotels are classified according to the’closed loop inside and outside the closed loop’ to accurately prevent and control the venues and reception hotels to ensure that the zones do not overlap, the flow lines do not cross, the borders must be strictly controlled, and the personnel do not cross zones.” Ding The army said that the athletes, coaches, referees, award ceremony, volunteers and other competition service guarantee personnel participating in the competition are all under closed-loop management, unified boarding and lodging, point-to-point transportation, and no contact with the outside world. The media and peripheral staff are all outside the closed loop.

The test competition involves three competition venues in Chaoyang District-National Stadium, “Ice Ribbon” and “Ice Cube”. Many high-tech devices have appeared, such as body temperature stickers that can be attached to the armpits for remote real-time health monitoring, aerosols for air environment detection, and spray disinfection robots for harmless disinfection.


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