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“Ready to fight for a winning Banco”

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SASSARI. «I returned to Sassari because I want to win. I am someone who does not set limits: a match, the cup, the championship. I work every day because I like to win and I try every time with all my strength ».

Twenty-four years just made, two professional seasons behind him (the first in Cantù), and very clear ideas. Jason Burnell again this season will be one of the key men of Dinamo, who after having played in a row in the first phase of the Super Cup, will take the field in Bologna in the quarter-final against Brindisi on Saturday at 3 pm.

“I am extremely happy for this last performance – says the original Florida winger about Tuesday’s match against Varese -, we played some good games previously but now there has been an important step from a defensive point of view, we have remained united, we played hard. We still have a lot of work to do but I’m happy because nobody is selfish and we help each other ».

Burnell is a veteran of the NBA Summer League played with the Denver Nuggets. “Las Vegas was a wonderful experience. As a child I always dreamed of being able to play in the NBA and already having the opportunity to participate in the Summer League is something special. In addition, in those days I was lucky enough to be able to celebrate my grandmother’s birthday, mine and my parents’ anniversary. In short, it was a happy summer that allowed me to recharge my batteries and come back here very charged ».

How did Cavina’s inclusion in the group go? «I arrived in the group last but in the summer I have always trained hard, both in the Summer League and with my personal trainer. I’ve already arrived in good shape, but it is clear that the group is partly new and therefore at this stage we are all committed to getting to know each other thoroughly ».

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Burnell’s progress has been evident over the past season. With what objectives did you return to Sassari? «I want to grow individually, but I want to win something with this team and I’m ready to do anything on the pitch to make my contribution. The way we came out of the playoffs last year against Venice still hurts and I’ve been thinking about it a lot over the summer. I am grateful to Federico Pasquini for having renewed my trust, when I spoke with him I had no doubts. I am happy to still compete in the Italian league and in the Champions League. Better to shoot from outside or play in the box? My 3-point percentage increased last year, I’ve worked a lot on it since I’ve been in Sassari and I definitely feel more comfortable. I feel like a universal player – concludes Burnell -, I don’t want to focus only on one aspect of the game, but to do many things: defend, help my teammates, go to play in the area or look for a solution outside the arc. I hope to do it in the best way ».

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