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Real Madrid vs. Cadiz both have their own pursuits and there is no lack of fighting intentions, Real Madrid is extremely hot recently_away_this season_status

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Original title: Real Madrid and Cadiz have their own pursuits and fighting intentions, Real Madrid is extremely hot recently

La Liga

2021/12/20 04:00

Real Madrid vs Cadiz

royal house Madrid

The midfielder has a strong ability to control the rhythm, the striker has a fast counterattack, and he can use his personal ability to create opportunities. Recently, this tactical style has made the team extremely good. The team has won 12 wins and 1 tie in the past 13 games. The powerful Inter Milan and Atletico Madrid can both win 2-0, and their state and morale are excellent. At present, he leads the standings by 8 points in one more round, but the league schedule is still long, so the fighting spirit is still strong. Real Madrid has excellent defensive capabilities, conceding only 11 goals in the last 16 games, and only 1 goal in the last 5 games. The defensive end is extremely strong. Forward Benzema scored 18 goals and 8 assists in 21 appearances and Vinicius scored 12 goals and 7 assists in 23 appearances. Both of them are very efficient. But goalkeeper Lunin, defender Marcelo, midfielder Ceballos, winger Rodrigo and winger Bale are currently injured. In the past 5 games with initial -2 data, the final index was only 2 walks and 3 losses.


This season, the league has scored 8 points away from home so far, and the efficiency of scoring points is much better than that of 5 points at home. Cadiz’s away game is relatively good. The two La Liga wins this season are all away wins, and the away unbeaten rate is also 50%. The team’s half-time away ability is equally good. All eight La Liga away games this season have the ball. In the midweek cup, he defeated Albacete 1-0. In the last two matches, he has 1 win and 1 tie, and his state has recovered. All the past 2 away games against Real Madrid have been won. Currently in the relegation zone, but only 2 points from the safety zone, so the desire to win this game is quite strong. But Cadiz’s strength is low and it is difficult to win. This season’s 17 league games have only won 2 games, and the past 4 games have suffered 1 draw and 3 losses. The more they play, the worse. Cadiz’s away defensive problem is not small. This season, 8 league away games have zero seals, and the opponent is the goalless champion Athletic Bilbao. In the last round, they drew 1-1 with Granada. In the last 4 rounds, they have only 1 draw and 3 losses. So far this season, the league has scored 15 goals and lost 31 goals, and the offensive and defensive data has been bleak.

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Old Wu analysis:

There is a huge gap in the fundamentals of the strength and status of the two teams. Real Madrid is bound to be more concerned under the home court. The data has given Real Madrid a strong support from the beginning. Although it has been reduced in the subsequent stages, I personally feel that there is more opportunity for market guidance. As for the match between the two teams in this game, from the point of view of the state, Real Madrid has shown quite outstanding strength in the game. In terms of strength, Real Madrid has the advantage. The team has the home court advantage in this game, and winning is not the most difficult thing.

The older Wu is optimistic about Real Madrid, and I choose the specific direction privately.Return to Sohu to see more


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