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Reboot Gossip Girl, the sequel TV series of Sky – Magazine arrives

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They are rich, beautiful, not necessarily saint’s shins: they are the protagonists of ‘Gossip Girl’, a TV series that belongs to the teen drama genre and is a direct sequel to the homonymous telefilm which aired between 2007 and 2012, in turn an adaptation of the novels written by Cecily von Ziegesar. The new episodes arrive on Sky Serie on Wednesday 27 October.

Gossip Girl, all about the new TV series

Once again the plot is set between the
scions of the wealthy class of Manhattan, who weave relationships, power games and who enjoy a life as lavish as few others. And who, just like in the 2007-2012 TV series, are being watched by a mysterious Gossip Girl, who gossip and malign them through a popular social network account.

The new ‘Gossip Girl’ brings back the writers of the original TV series: we have showrunner and producer Joshua Safran and producers Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage. Unlike then, the three have been able to include in the new episodes
themes and situations suitable for a more adult audience: at the time the show was in fact aired in the United States on a network explicitly for young people (The CW), while now it comes out on HBO Max, which can afford larger meshes in narrative and visual terms.

In the cast stand out some beautiful and some beautiful: we have
Jordan Alexander (vista in ‘Sacred Lies’),
Whitney Peak (‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’),
Tavi Gevinson (‘I say no more’),
Eli Brown (‘Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists’),
Thomas doherty (‘High Fidelity’),
Emily Alyn Lind (‘Revenge’),
Zion Moreno (‘Control Z’) and finally the rookies
Evan Mock e
Savannah Lee Smith.

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The trailer dubbed in Italian

Reviews and how to watch the TV series

It goes without saying that the criticism has drawn a
comparison with the original TV series. In general, he stressed that this new version gives fans what they are looking for (glamor, gossip, betrayal), but it is more confusing and with characters that tend to become specks, despite the fact that they carry deep themes. Overall, therefore, an average rating on Metacritic that does not reach sufficiency, but is approaching: 51/100.

The first season of ‘Gossip Girl’ consists of
twelve episodes which last about an hour each: the first two are released on Sky Serie on October 27, while the following arrive on a weekly basis. In the United States there is a break after the sixth episode, from mid-August to November 2021: it is not clear whether the Italian edition will also hibernate for a couple of months or not.

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