Home Sports Rebus bench at the Dolomites. In addition to Gaburro, Carobbio appears

Rebus bench at the Dolomites. In addition to Gaburro, Carobbio appears

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Rebus bench at the Dolomites.  In addition to Gaburro, Carobbio appears
The coach Filippo Carobbio

Former player of A and B, he was involved in football betting, now he coaches Brusaporto. The names of Parlato and Tiozzo are down


In the casting there is also Filippo Carobbio. The general manager Luca Piazzi – indeed, future diggì, since there is still no official status – wants to define the name of the new coach of the Belluno Dolomites within a very short time.

Basically we are talking about the key choice, because the team for next season will be built based on the needs and characteristics of the coach. And among the names in the notebook, the current Brusaporto coach appears, a team from Bergamo currently fifth in Group B and therefore in full playoff qualification race.

Among other things, a name very well known in national football. Before him for his long career as a player between Serie A and B, with the shirts of Reggina, Pistoiese, Albinoleffe, Genoa, Grosseto and Siena. Later, for his involvement in the football betting earthquake of a decade ago, for which he was also arrested in 2011. Confession, repentance and plea bargaining followed at 18 months at the criminal level and 26 months of disqualification. Above all, he had made the decision to mention the names and surnames of the others involved, also bringing up the then Juventus coach, Antonio Conte, who in fact was disqualified due to the failure to report two matches for Siena. Conte, before joining the Juventus club, in fact led the Tuscan club.

In any case, Carobbio’s second life started again in 2014 at Ciliverghe. The same partnership in which, in 2017, he started his career as a coach. He has been the Brusaporto coach since 2020 and according to some rumors Piazzi would be thinking about it all right, in the face of the interesting results obtained. He is a young profile, having been born in 1979, but ambitious and connoisseur of football at high levels.

However, other names remain at stake, such as that of Marco Gaburro now close to winning the championship with Rimini but whose confirmation in Romagna seems far from obvious. Instead, both Parlato and Tiozzo seem to have lost altitude. Although especially Parlato, he enjoyed great consideration especially at the top of the club.


Meanwhile, the championship of the Belluno Dolomites ends over the weekend. Mestre is expected at the Polisportivo, but the date is still uncertain. Likely to be played on Saturday, as the game is influential for the ranking. It will be an opportunity for the farewell in front of the friendly public and the intention would be to win to reach 50 points, hoping to overcome the Caldiero so as to finish in sixth place. A placement that would make the second round less negative, characterized among other things by some heavy defeats and a change on the bench, with the resigning Renato Lauria replaced by Alessandro Ferro for the last five days. On Sunday there will also be the big match Clodiense – Arzignano, with the Vicenza side who will be promoted in the event of a draw or victory.


As for the former Dolomites, a decisive goal by Yari Masoch in Treviso should be reported. The biancocelesti are taking part in the triangular of the runners-up of the groups of Excellence, together with Montecchio Maggiore and Borgoricco. The goal of the Agordino midfielder made it possible to conquer Montecchio and at the end of the first leg all three teams find themselves with a victory and a defeat. Whoever wins the triangular will play the national phase with a place in Serie D at stake. We recall that the Treviso coach is Andrea Zanuttig, author of the miracle salvation in the final of last season at Union Feltre.

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